The FIRST Met!

Do you know what happened on the 4th Nov ?
Yes, everybody knew that I went to KL on that day.

But do you know what happened when am on my way to there?
My parents thought I will be only working for half day for the day but I didn't.
I worked full day for that day as I'd already checked in through the website earlier on and my flight actually at 8.10 pm.

Mom cooked dinner for me earlier on so that I can eat before take the flight.
I departed from home at 6.45pm and guess what??
I never expect the traffic jam could be that hell!
It's 7.10pm and am still on the road but not airport yet!
I almost cry out that time.

Luckily managed to be there by 7.30pm!
Big reliefs! *mwahaha*

Carol & Muji

She's going back to Jakarta.
She first greet me and asked me where am going to.
We talked for a while and only know that she is starving, she couldn't afford to buy foods at there.
I offered her muffins and drinks while waiting for boarding time.
I boarded earlier than her.

I departed on time and actually arrived LCCT 15 minutes earlier!
Seriously, the person next to me on plane freaked me out as he was watching ghost movie at that time!
I knew bestie and boyfie waiting for me at the terminal already. 
Pardon me, I took 15 minutes to get myself ready to meet boyfie!
Lol! You'll never know how nervous I am!

First question come out from me when I saw my bestie was : Who's taller?? Me or Eric??
Bestie almost knock my head for that! *LOL*

Happy to see him!
And the little piggy too!!!

We headed to KTZ where Grey, Erika and Kelvin was waiting for us at there already!
I don't feel any nervous to meet them that night.
In fact, am quite excited!
I've met Grey in person when he came to Sabah the other day!

Sweet Erika made her way from Johor to KL too!

Quachee and Adrian came quite late though.
But hey everyone clicked very well on that night!
Full with laughter and cold joke from us ( or me? )

I got this Silver bracelet as pressie from Kelvin!
Thanks so much! Love it!

Bestie & I

Thank God she's there!

Mango Loh

Most of us ordered this one.
Sorry to say that, maybe only me or not sure.
To me, the mango taste not sweet enough. Lol! Felt cheated by the look though.

Kiwi Loh

Bestie ordered this one! I've tasted it, sourish!
But hey I can say this one quite nice!

Boyfie ordered extra Chinese Pizza for us.
To me, it taste salty!!
Not my type. 

It's fun to hang out with them!
Although they talked about a lot "alien" topics for that night.
Lotsa new terms, and you know they googled it on the spot but never show it to me!
E.g. Disco stick, chocolate starfish, etc.

Let me ask you guys if you know this one from Quachee!

"Your eyes must be screwdriver, coz everytime i see u, my nuts tighten"

My bestie and I couldn't understand any of it and they just enjoyed laughing for that!
Quachee even asked if all Sabahan girls don't understand it?
Since my bestie and I from Sabah. *lol*

By the way, Quachee wouldn't want to sit next to me after that night!
Bet his arms turn reddish after whacked by me for almost the entire yumcha session at KTZ and Winx Cafe!


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  1. eh...the dessert there nice la!! just the mango not sweet ma... =3

  2. wait 15 mins dowan come wait alone outside summore..kesian me!! T3T

  3. sorry to hubby i guess i clicked to fast. I am glad that you made your flight and had a great time my friend. :D

  4. dun like that chinese pizza then me have to makan all right? LOL

  5. @Eric Lee lalala! wrong recommendation for dat nite? :p

    heee 15mins only ma. heee

  6. You not sabahan la...Labuaner la...LOL

  7. got mango pancake haven't bring u try yet...muahaha

  8. @Billahaha! he late for seconds! :p thnx buddy! ;)

  9. @Eric Lee hahaha! ehh others oso got eat ma. :p annie ate it too. :D

    seeee! dats d one i wanna try! :( sobs

  10. LOL @ don wan come out for 15 mins ha ha, nervous gila eh?

  11. Erika is orang Johor is it? Wah my mom's kampung halaman lol! :D

  12. What a great gathering for u sweetie, happy you got to meet up with friends and that's a lovely bracelet too! :)

  13. Oh? "Your eyes must be screwdriver, coz everytime i see u, my nuts tighten" Lucky thing for Quachee...your eye not pliers!!! Nutcracker! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  14. @Mariuca hahaha!! ok ok no prob! :D

    HAHA yeaaa too nervous gilerr dat time! LOL!!

    Nope, she's from Malacca. but teaching in Johor. :)

  15. @suituapui adoi! urs me more tak faham la wei!! hahaha

  16. Hahaha.. ehh Quachee, you don't tighten nuts with screwdriver lar. Use spanner!! :P

    Darling Carol! Glad to know that you have become comfortable with the KL gang! We definitely look forward to more of your visits soon! :)

  17. Lolz at STP! Nutcracker! Muahahahahha...

    ERIC! She doesn't like salty stuffs! HABIS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! So sorry to you my friend....

  18. Carol, since u have so many frens here in penisular, u should fly here more often .. :)

  19. Oh so traffic jam on your way to the airport? That's stressful!! Why you didn't start the journey earlier?

  20. So you are nervous to meet Eric cos you are afraid he's shorter than you? Hmm, I wonder what will happen if he's really shorter than you? Break up? Haha!

  21. @iamthewitch HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!

    yay! definitely going there again! want more time with u!! :D

  22. So you didn't find the food at KTZ nice? Yeah, me too. Don't really like KTZ desserts. Haha

  23. Mwahahaa!! Whacked QC until his arm turn red? Can meh? He so f**? LOL!!!

  24. U still dun understand about the screwdriver and nut thingy? Haha!! Ask Eric la : D

  25. @Merryn yish! siao meh eat too salty foods?? :S

  26. eh you mean this is your first time meeting Eric? wow.. sure nervous for sure :)

  27. all the dessert looks soo delish Caroline!!

  28. @foongpc usually no traffic jam one ma, dint expected. :/

    hahaha! if shorter, then nemind lor. no heels for me lor. :D

    yeaa. just so so only to me. haha!

    f** = fAT?? :P

  29. im gonna make panda soup + stp pancake! grrrr!

  30. Ahaha...what an awesome post, darling! *Huggies* I love it very much!^^ Can't wait for your next post arr...

    Wee~ We sure had lots of fun that day. Let's go for round two, aye? ;D

    I already miss all of you here~

  31. @LadyJava yeaa! 1st time! lol

    d mango one just ok ok only to me ler. :/

    hehe yea! love it! ;)

  32. @QuaChee lalala! wondering hows panda soup n stp pancake taste like. :p

  33. oh, so that's it your KL trip?? i'm sure you have more to blog about right??

  34. maybe you're splitting them into few more blogs (like foongpc style), cos i saw lots of photos in your FB leh~~

  35. so how's the first time meeting with your boyfie?? how did that feels like?? nervous and a bit shy?? hehe~~

  36. and how come you got a present from Kelvin and not from your boyfie for meeting the very first time?? how could that be??

  37. lol lol..
    eric is like so nervous when driving like that.. lol..
    actly i am long time stalker, first time commenter... =P
    couldn't resist to comment

  38. @[SK] haha of course not only this! :D

    clever! i will split in few posts!

    very the nervous la wei~ but glad turn out quite well! :D

    aiyo u dunno only. :p

  39. @Donna Hye Donna! :D welcome!

    haha! will check on ur site later on. :)

    err maybe horr? but still ok la his driving skills.