We're the Babysitter!

Last Sunday, I brought my lil sis Haylie to the zoo with Mia & Mel.
I know she is very very excited!
I know Mia and Mel just going to love her very much! :p

Mel and Mia enjoy playing with lil Haylie while we on the way to the zoo.
I'm quite worry actually as they somehow kept on playing with her and not concentrating in driving!

- Mel, Haylie and Mia -

Camwhore session before going inside. :p

Happy to have them!
Lucky Haylie just love everyone. 

We wanted to try the elephant ride!

This is the reason mom didn't let Haylie wear dress!
But... This make her look like a boy! :p

After paid for the entrance fee, we're given a map.
Just so you know that, the zoo is really huge!
The last time I went there, I didn't manage to visit the whole place.
Very tiring! 

Lil Haylie seems not in the mood yet after woke up from her short nap in the car. 

Mia love Haylie very much! <3

Us! :D

We started from the children zoo.

Rabbits eating carrot.
[ Gosh.. remind me of Eric calling me as Cabbit last time! ]

Can you see the elephant is peeing there?? :p

Sisters. :)

Mel with elephant! 

Mia with elephants. :>

Clouded Leopard



Guess what?? While we enjoy visiting those animals, it rained!
Lucky the cafe just nearby that area and we didn't go far yet. :(
We stopped by the cafe and wait till the rain stop. 

Lil Haylie eating ice cream.
Foong said she looks like Tweetie Bird! 

Us. :D

When the rain stopped, we then decided to leave.
We just don't wanna take risk and continue the visit as Lil Haylie is with us.
Mom gonna kill me for sure if she fall sick!

We left and finding place to eat! :)
Sis Haylie napped inside car along the way to the place where we going to eat.

Look at how sis Haylie sleeping. :)

Mia and Mel love to spend time with Haylie as she didn't cry or being naughty for the whole day out with us!
Anyway, I don't really like the part! :(

Haylie is a big eater too! :(
Ended up I can't eat much.

Although didn't managed to visit the whole zoo, we are still happy for spending time together! :D
Haylie never cry when with us, I know we are all good in babysitting!



  1. bohoooo! i made another chop!hahaha!

  2. waaaaaaaaah! ur a babysitter C? :o

  3. the baby is looking cute with the ice cream on her lips..hahaha

  4. @GAGAY

    C, can i have GMD here? thankie thankie!!!wooohooo! i made a chop!LOL!

  5. @GAGAYLOL at hylie is a big eater too..hahaha

  6. baby haylie is cute! :)
    awww i miss going to the zoo! :(

  7. haylie memang cute la.

    eh. not yet me read the last then with blog again. bully me is it hmph.

    next time we go Singapore zoo mua hahahaha

  8. I love the Zoo too!
    Maybe its because i love animals. =)

    And cute Haylie ! <3

  9. Your lil' sis - the face real serious one lah... Maybe takut - frightened by all of you. LOL!!!

  10. So nice of u to take Haylie out to the zoo! :)

  11. No la, where got look like boy? ha ha her face girly mah so outfit only makes her look cuter, pinch pinch! :)

  12. U are looking slim and sweet in the pics Caroline! Miss ur blonde hair edi, how now brown cow?? :)

  13. I see da elephants!! wah got clouded leopard too! :) nice pics of the animals, thanks for sharing sweetie! :)

  14. @GAGAY hola GG! :D YAY FC again! :D

    hahaha babysitter for dat day only! :p lol cute!? dirty aye! :p

    i've put up ur GMD's badge dy! :D

    Yeaah she 's really a big eater! :<

  15. @HenRy LeE ® heee yea cutie! :D auww come come go visit zoo! :)

  16. @Eric Lee hehe always cute de la. :D heee where got bully! hmph!

    wokie! i wan go thr too! hugs!

  17. @Soh Hong Wei is it?? i love those animals too. as in SEEE. mwahaha

  18. @suituapui hahaha! she just woke up from her nap that time! thats y lor. :p

  19. @Mariuca yeaa cz she keep following me that time! hahahaha! look like boy lar! :p so less hair summore. :p

    i start missing my blonde hair too! :( not much pictures of the animaals. :(

  20. i remember on my last visit on zoo that was way to long ago
    we used to feed giraffe

  21. aww so cute la baby Haylie.. i wanna play with her too but i'm a lousy babysitter! :P

  22. u're a great babysitter sweetie! :)

  23. omg the elephant is peeing? hahaha...

  24. Wow, u can become a very good mummy ya next time...

  25. wow, long time i've not been to the zoo already.. i guess more than 20 years, haha!!

  26. but i guess you enjoyed watching the animals more than baby Haylie does lor, kekeke~~

  27. see she's so tired and slept right away after the ice cream, haha!! :D

  28. @poorprince wow u guys can feed the animals? we were not allowed to do so at here.

  29. @Monica hahaha dont worry she noe how to play with ppl one! hahaha! u saw it?? hahaha

  30. @[SK]HAHAHA! i cant really enjoy it, cz baby haylie keep on making noise! hahah yeaa hungry n tired it seems! lol

  31. Haha! This post is more focused on Tweetie Bird than other animals!! LOL!!

  32. But then again the title is We're the Babysitters so I guess it's OK haha!

  33. Yeah, she looks tomboyish wearing like that! But I guess it's more convenient right?

  34. @foongpc hahaha! yea cz u said that she looked like Tweetie Bird! then when look at it, her head kinda big ah! hahaha! yea more convenient when ride on the elephant later on. :D