Pay for what you eat ONLY @ Chill Out!

Chill Out, the name of the restaurant.
I love the ambiance of the restaurant and the music playing in the restaurant.
The price for the foods and beverages also very reasonable. :)

It's newly opened and that's the first time my sister and I dined at there.
After the night sister and I went there, we brought Mia come with us the next day for lunch! :)

For that night, sister ordered coke and mango float for myself. :)

Fries @ RM 3.50

Hawaiiana Pizza @ RM 11.00

It is quite huge and its for two servings. :)
The crust is very very thin! I know sis Haylie gonna love this very much! :p

Fish n Chips @ RM 11.00

The fish fillets quite thick with their homemade tar tar sauce and I am really full after finished this one. :D

So, the next day after our skincare class at Mary Kay centre, we went to this restaurant again for our lunch!
The owner was so happy to see us again! ;)

Pineapple float , Air Bandung float and Coke float.
@ RM 3.50 each.

*camwhore while waiting for our foods!*

I've ordered pasta for myself, with tuna and some fresh tomatoes inside it.
Am not sure but this taste quite bland to me. :(
@ RM 8.00

Chicken Chop with Black Pepper sauce @ RM 11.00

Mia and my sister both ordered Chicken Chop but with different type of sauces. 
I love the crispy skin and the tender meat! *yums*

Chicken Chop with Mushroom sauce @RM 11.00

I would prefer this one!
I love the strong smell of the mushroom and it's tastier compare to the black pepper one. :p

Us with the owner.

Seriously, you wouldn't expect her to be the owner! *lol*
I can tell you that she is really a very friendly person and you just can talk and laugh together with her! :)

Too bad I didn't manage to snap the picture of the bread pudding at there!
It's just so yummy!
I don't mind having it everyday! :p

Guess what? Actually we want to back there on the next day, but it closed.
Gosh! Closed on Sunday!!!

Forgot to tell you guys that you ONLY pay for what you eat!
NO government tax! NO service charge!


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  1. i so bodoh shud have chop first before reading it thru !

  2. still geram with ERIC!!!!!! ish... so lama me tak dapat FC tot today can get! Hmmph...

  3. so that's the place you get your bread pudding??

    LOL Haylie like pizza wan ah??? XD

    where's my fish n chip!!!!!!!!!! >=( real one real one real one

  4. sis flo rebonded her hair eh? :D so silky straight dy :P

  5. psst carol.. i wanna see new hairdo.. got ah?

  6. @Merryn MUAHAHAHHAH geram le....

    Luckily I chop first!!! muahahahaha XD try next time

  7. @Eric Lee yeahhh! put up ur badge dy hubby! ;)

  8. @Merryn looked but in real nope. haha! very yummy!

    no la, her hair mmg straight!! and she rebonded same day as me on feb!

    new hairdo? dnt have!!! hahaha

  9. @Eric Lee yeshhh!! yums! she loves FOODS! :p

    fish n chips ah?? where is my whooper!!!? HMPH!! >:(

  10. @Merrynhahah! u n eric stay quite near, u can go whack HIM if u want. :p

  11. @Eric Leehahaha! deleted dat comment dy!! changed dy!! heee

  12. errr, of course we only pay for what we eat right?? haha~~

  13. when i saw the title of this post, i thot they just charge food and not the drinks.. :p

  14. ok ok, so they didn't have extra service charge or government tax.. hmmm, ok.. but a lot of places are not charging also mah.. :D

  15. the food looks not bad at all, especially that pasta, looks yummy~~ :)

  16. Hot weather now.. seeing the cold drinks, feel like having one of that now... :)

  17. @[SK] yish! takkanlah only food right? :p err this kind of restaurant here rarely got place dnt charge taxes worr. :) but the pasta taste bland. :/

  18. @reanaclaire the air bandung float highly recommended by the owner!! ;)

  19. No taxes? Many places here also no taxes what... I thought if not nice, you can reject...and then you do not have to pay. Pay for what you eat only...and drinks free! Drinking's not eating bah!

  20. everything looks so delicious esp the floats! :D

  21. wahh with no government tax nor service charge included.. i wanna go there! hehe :D

  22. Wah wah boyfie so active chopping here like nobody's business! Hey Caroline! :)

  23. Your pasta looks promising, but bland eh? Just like my HRC pasta, no wan order pasta anymore after dis, boycott sekejap lol. :)

  24. Glad to see u ladies had a nice time though, pics look great... thirsty and hungry now... :(

  25. @suituapui yish! u n SK same same one! LOL! i mean this kind of restaurant jarang NO TAXES one lar! aiyo. see like the Rainforest cafe, all taxes included ma! :)

  26. @Monica the floats very chilling ! ;p haha yea nice foods n drinks n no taxes, dats make me keep on going back there! :D

  27. @Mariuca ahahaha! tu la! he SS here only! :p yea i tot the pasta would be nice but ended up such a disappointment oso. :[ hahhaa! yea i read bout u wrote in ur blog post. haha! TGIF dearie! ;)

  28. oohhhhh hungry looking at this pictures....

    All look so good!

  29. air bandung? i already forgot how it tastes like :)

  30. Nice place to hang out with friends!

  31. @fufuauwww. back here n drink lot lots! :p

  32. @Pete yup very cozy feeling summore. :)

  33. Looks like we have a Sabah-based food blogger...

  34. @khengsiong LOL! no no no. me not qualified yet! :D

  35. Wow, I need a bucket now! Coz I'm drooling excessively ady.... xP Yum yum post, darling~ ^^

  36. @choi yen hye thnx for dropping by.

    here's the address.

    A-0-3, Lot 11, Ground Floor, KK Taipan, Inanam, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

  37. wah wah wah!

    Nampak makanan terus jadi lapar la.

    Tengah goreng ayam berempah sambil cuci mata tengok gambar makanan. Heheee

    Semua nampak sedap. : )

    Terasa nak makan pizza pulak.

    Selamat Hari Minggu Carol

  38. @Incik RestNrilekS hahaha! aiseh tengah makan goreng ayam berempah pula! sedap! ;)

    selamat hari minggu too! :)

  39. girls seems have a good time with the good food. Got put on weight? hehehe

  40. @ChrisAu hahaha! neevr put on weight ! but after raya holidays, i've gained 2kgs! :D