Dissapointment turn to Happiness!

Thought of doing a Random Wednesday's post but not after I received call from Nuffnang!
Those peeps who knows my contact number surely know that dear boyfie got me a new number for quite sometimes already.
Nuffnang called the number that I used previously which is now belongs to my sister.
My sister show me the misscalled and yea I called back.

It's from NuffnangMYSmiley
They actually offer me an event invitation and it is just simply that you just attend it and share your experience with others by blog about the event.
It is all about the Stompin' Sabah concert which will be held at Jesselton KK on the next Saturday by Celcom.

My heart just broke into pieces when I heard it's on NEXT SATURDAY.
I got no choice other than turning down the invitation as am will not be here as am still at KL that time!!!
Although he said there will be chances next time too.
I felt so bad for turning down the invitation.
Who don't want to get FREE passes, right?
As I've been wishing and longing for at least an event will be held at KK so that I got the chance to experience it just like what others did.
But, when it comes, I only can say NOSmiley

When I was still in disappointment, I grabbed my phone and made a call to boyfie.
After the conversation with him then I realized that, "Hey, I shouldn't feel sad for this, I could spend time with my love and also other awesome people like Witch, Merryn, Erika and other dudes who's in the gang too!" Smiley
So, I am not that sad anymore although I still have the feeling like urgh-i-missed-it!. Smiley

I know that feeling will slowly fade away and gone by next week!
Oh maybe I will feel better after this Saturday's event! 

But... later after that I received this email alert from them!! 

Dear Nuffnanger,

We have an exciting opportunity for those of you in Kota Kinabalu! If you haven't already 
heard, Xpax is bringing Stompin' Sabah to town, and we're looking for bloggers who're
interested in rocking out at the event. Details of the event are as below:

Date: 6 November 2010 (Saturday)

Time: 8 pm till late

Venue: Sabah Port (Jesselton Point)

We are offering sponsored post opportunities to Nuffnangers who'll be able to attend the
event and blog about it, and also tell their friends about it on Facebook/Twitter, but these
opportunities are limited! If you're interested in taking up this opportunity, kindly write in
to stompinsabah@nuffnang.com with your full name, email address and blog URL 
before 10 am tomorrow (28 October 2010). Yes, we know it's a rush but hey, 
opportunities always come when you least expect them so don't miss out on this ;)

Looking forward to your email!


Teoh Xinxian

Blogger Relations

Nuffnang Sdn. Bhd.

Again, I know myself prefer to spend time with boyfie more!


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  1. the next saturdau will be much more eventful i promise!! XD

  2. Yeah what a miss sweetie, am sure u are disappointed but meeting boyfie and gang for first time is equally exciting so YAY! :)

  3. Hope ul get another opp from NN soon, good luck! :D

  4. hope u get the next chance soon..

  5. Darling, I promise you that this meeting of ours will be the best you've ever been to and definitely one you'll never forget! ;D *Huggies* I can't wait to see you too~ ^^

  6. @Mariuca YAY FC2! :D auww yes i hope there will be another chance. :(

    ohyay! cant wait to meet them! :p

  7. @ErikaToh auww thnx darling! cant wait to meet u too! :D

  8. there'll always be other chances :)

  9. Not gonna make u feel bad BUT.. sponsored POST wor!!!!!!!!! Can pay for your trip dy wei!!!

    LoL! hush hush.. now.. don't cry! We'll make YOUR trip here worth it ok babe?

    We'll bring Sabah to KL! :D

  10. awww....take it easy, there's another one! I also didn't attend those in Spore..can't be bothered..haha... well, no time to go la... to spend time with family.

  11. Have fun. KL trip sponsored by BF or not? If not, say you change your mind, don't wanna go now... LOL!!!

  12. @ken but usually they will not find u again after u turned down once right? :( but hopefully. cz here KK less event one.

  13. @Merryn sobs!! dnt make me feel bad!! :"(

    yay! i love it when u said dat! :D

  14. @suituapui yeaaa sponsored by him! mwhaha will choose KL still! :p

  15. HUGSS girl! Yay! Very glad that you're coming here instead of choosing the event. I''m sure you won't regret it!! ;) Look forward to see you!!

  16. LoL. We can bring Sabah to KL but we still can't find Tarap here! :D

  17. hey, so nice you got the invitation from Nuffnang, i guess that would be another chance for you to win some money or prizes~~

  18. but since you've already planned to go to KL to spend time with your boyfie, i think you don't have to feel a waste about missing that event..

  19. like you said, spending time with your loved ones is always more cherishable than any other thing..

  20. i'm sure you'd have other chances to go to those event lah, no problem..

  21. but your first time coming to KL meeting your boyfie for the very first time is more important than anything else, correct?? :)

  22. enjoy your precious time in KL~~ :)

  23. oh no :( but it's ok sweetie i'm sure u can't wait to meet ur bf and gang oso, right?? ;)

  24. @iamthewitch yay! hugs!!! i noe i wont regret it for sure! looking forward to see u too! ;)

  25. @Merryn lol too bad no longer tarap's season, if not sure will bring for u guys one. ;)

  26. @[SK] heee yup quite disappointed actually but then i noe its worth to spend time v eric n d gang. yeay!!

  27. good to hear that your dissapointment turned good
    well its god's will hehehe

  28. firstly...i am so sorry that i am out from blogging for weeks and did not visit here. so sorry. work really killing me off lately.

    yes...meeting ur love one with eric is much important ... u can meet witch and ur gang...and maybe me too...hahaha

  29. oh, too bad you can't attend the event. but don't worry, more will come soon. at least you can still have a great time with your boyfie and friends. and i know it will be more enjoyable since you are with the people you love. have a great time dear! ;)

  30. how long will you be in KL till?hehe

  31. @vialentino hehe its okie! :D i know u very busy nowadays! lol yeaaa. hope can see u !

  32. @_el@i_ heya! i miss u too! :D

    yea looking forward for next week! :D thnx dear!

  33. @Allison hehe 4D 3N only! will u be there?? :p