Tumblr Tuesday

Not in the mood of blogging now.
Yesterday, I was shocked when I get home and mom told me about there is another relative passed away.
Week by week and now day by day?!
I wish no more. :(

And got to know that Paul the octopus died too.
( Though it's nothing related to me too! :p )
"He died last night, a peaceful and natural death," Porwoll said.
May read it at here.

I was quite busy for the whole day and perhaps its good thing too.
Tumblr never failed to release my tensions! 
I saw this on my tumblr's timeline.

fuckyeahlaughters: .

Is that the Super Mario that we know??

I love to tweet too!
That's why I am always *urgh* when my phone showing me battery low warning!
I bet those who loves tweeting too definitely can feel how I feel!

tumplr: lol (via franklieu)


So, check on the back of your shirt to get to know where you really came from!

There's a lot more to share yet I am not that free to scroll down!

Thanks for those who has commented in my previous post.
My family and I do really appreciate it very much.
Those who never failed to make me feel better and better through facebook and twitter, hugsy!

Wishing on a Falling Star


  1. Yeah I rem Super Mario too, love dat game! :D

  2. so sorry to hear about your relative Caroline...

    good thing for online sites eh :)

  3. Happy tweeting and happy blogging when u feel like blogging later.. good night sweetie! Me watching E News now... holiwud! :D:D

  4. Sorry to hear about that!

    I love to tweet and yes, I hate it when the battery level is low!

  5. this month had been bad...for most people too..my condolence once again.. =(

    looks like i'm the only one with a phone that cannot tweet... =____=

  6. my condolences to u and ur family, sweetie! *hugs*

  7. happy tweeting and i'll see u on Twitter tomo! ;)

  8. Paul the octopus...finally!!!! happy happy!!!! lol

  9. that's really a sad news to hear of.. i'm sorry to hear about the loss..

  10. my condolence to you and your family, hope you'll be feeling ok soonest..

  11. hmmm, Paul was dead?? well, i think it's inevitable right, Paul was already old and octopus don't live long also mah..

  12. errr, i don't tweet at all, and never go online with my mobile.. so my battery can last for 2-3 days lor, hahaha~~

  13. errr, i guess i may come from China or Vietnam then.. where all major manufacturing takes place nowadays~~ :p

  14. @Mariuca heya! FC! ur badge is up. :D

    Hehe i love that game too! but will mad if cant pass certain level!

    wohoo back to the mood of blogging! :p

  15. @LadyJava hehe thnx LJ. ;)

    Yea dats d gud thing bout online sites! :D

  16. @Eric Lee Thanks hubby! ;)
    aiyo soon got new phone sure can tweet dy! ;)

  17. @Monica thnx sweetie. *hugs* yeah love tweeting with u! :D

  18. @[SK] i still can handle it. :) thnx so much SK. :) lol! old?! i tot 2 yrs only?? i dunno bout it. heee. haha i used to but now addicted to tweeting dy! :D

    HAHHA!! vietnam!? me seldom see it. :p

  19. Gosh! Dropping like flies. It has been a good time for me though - one wedding after another. Don't mind forking out money for the ang paos. Good to share joy rather than sorrow...

  20. Love the comic strips from Tumblr! Very funny!! And cheer up girl!! Can't wait to see you on the 7th! :)

  21. so sorry to hear about your relative Caroline.... all the more reason to appreciate the time we have with the ones close to us

  22. Sorry to hear the loss of your relatives. A time to be born and a time to die.. death is inevitable..Take care

    Oh Paul is gone too.

  23. hahaha i got huge laugh at that mario tmblr

  24. and also that hus and teddie (is it?)

  25. @Bananaz இ its okie. thnx Bananaz. :) i noe there's always reason for this to happened. :)

  26. @poorprince hahaha! love to play mario games last time! :p