Kasih Sayang Boutique Health Resort & Spa (3)

I've told you guys about the foods at Kasih Sayang Health Resort in previous post.

You can see there's much leftover foods. 

And.. can see me eating "unhappily" there due to the taste. 

Anyway, I walked around and saw there is a mini nursery at there!

and there is a room for spa too!

After eat, we actually unwind ourselves at there with the cool breeze.

Ladies of the day!
Enjoying the view while relaxing ourselves at there.

There's also wine corner at there too!
A last snap of the group!

Love the greens!

 Mia with lovely flower !

They even snapped with their dear VIVA ! 

Cool right?

Kasih Sayang Health Resort might sounded "luxury" and many of them said that it doesn't suit the title of "resort". 
But then again, I have friend who stayed there before, they told me that the sunset and sunrise was damn nice!
They had a pleasant stay at there too!
You guy may check out more about this resort at HERE.

Last shot of me at there!

I would go back there but I will make sure it is for sunset!



  1. Where is this?? hahaha okay okay.. i go to your previous post first and read! then i'll be back here! :D

  2. @Shemah hahaha! ok ok. lol btw u're FC! :D

  3. haha i thought u say wun go back wan..lol

    next time we go genting for the sunset n sunrise

    but i still think sunset n sunrise by the beach is the best..lol

  4. @Eric Lee yeaa but then after olivia told me how nice is the sunrise n sunset, i wanna go back there just for it! not for the foods obviously! :p

  5. Oohh okay.. now after reading all 3 posts AND going to the website, now I know! hahaha ..

    Hahaha tasteless ah the food? but still goreng2 that? But anyways, it still looks like you all had a great time.

    Honestly, this is the first time I've heard about this place! Tapi cantik lah I see the sunrise and sunset pics from the website. Cantik owhh..

    Of course beach sunrise and sunset nice... but in the end.. i think ANY sunrise and sunset are very beautiful! :D Wherever you may be.. ;) AND with your loved ones! *wink wink*

  6. wuah i FC ah?? alaa.. sorry boyfie!! :D :D

  7. @Shemah hahaha! yea the palce really nice la, i mean can relax!

    aharr.. got goreng goreng but TASTELESS still! lol!

    yeaa i missed the sunset! yes with LOVED ONES! mwahaha

  8. Part 3 already? Everytime I clicked, I thought it was the same post... Photos download very slow - maybe my connection not so good. So malas to wait...

  9. @suituapui lol! yea last part. hehe i know many pictures. dats y make it in 3 posts. :)

  10. i need a place to unwind and recharge!! :D

  11. i might go to a place like just for the sunset not worry too much about its star rankings

  12. lovely flowers hmmm what flower is that?

  13. you really looks good with that hair

  14. wow damn you look way too sexy!!!! bleeding lah...

  15. @Monica hahaha then this place would be d nice place for u! :) no more part 4 ler. mwahaha

  16. @Bengbeng true! agree wit u! as long as it has beautiful sunset! :D

  17. @poorprince uh-oh! i also dunno wats d name for d flower. :/ hee thanks! :D

  18. @fufuLOL! where got la! i just feel like am back to my last time b4 blonde hair ny. :p

  19. Nice resort! And I love your new hair ler! SO cute! :)