Kasih Sayang Boutique Health Resort & Spa (2)

I bet many of you agree with me for the great views at there!
When we enter the restaurant, we just can feel how fresh the air was!

We enjoy the views from the restaurant while visiting around the place.

Guess all of you know me and Mia already!

The members of VIVAC Sabah.
Glad to meet and knowing them for their friendliness and the dudes really such a joker for the day!

And here come another two of them to join us!

We get ourselves the biggest round table.
We looked at the menu and wow! There's many choices to choose for!

You can choose :  Something Light / Something Close To Home / Something Warm / Wild Wild West / Something To Make You Smile / Something Sweet / Noodles & Pasta

Still remember I mentioned about Special Heart Shaped Menu Items in previous post?
That's why you can see there is little Heart Shape everywhere in the menu.
They are 100% vegetarian, free from salt, sugar, cooking oil, processed food, and all forms of seasoning.

Watan Hor @ RM 11.90
Nasi Goreng Kampung @ RM 14.90
Banana Fritters Ala Kasih Sayang @ RM 9.90
Chicken Fried Rice @ RM 11.90
Beef Burger @ RM 14.90
Fresh Bread @ RM 4.90

Let me tell you guys that before I go there, I did surfed to internet just to check out this place and I am kinda shocked when many of them given negative review of this place and especially on the foods!
To be honest, I myself too surprised with the foods as it taste really bland or maybe just say it TASTELESS.

I still remember everyone of us kept on asking each other " How come my food so tasteless? "
And one of them kept on answering " For health! "

Amazingly, there are still many people visiting there and I myself initially wondering how come there are many senior citizen having their meals at there more than youngster!Smiley
What's on my mind that time was only "Oh! Maybe due to the fresh air!"

Then I realized it's not only that!
But also the healthy foods!
So for those who used to flavorful foods with msg and salts, you are so gonna felt cheated by the look of foods presented to you as they are really free from salt and sugar!
The pure cream butter for the bread UNSALTED too!

The only food that taste yummy to me was the Banana Fritters!
It's sweet and you can also dip it with the honey!
I'm going to blog about the final part for this short day trip in next post!

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  1. oh i agree! the view is spectacular! i just so love nature. hehehe

  2. weeeee! first time i made a chop here, right?

  3. @_el@i_hehe yeap love the view for sure! :D Put up ur badge dy! yay!

  4. the foodies look so good! not obvious that its tasteless, hahaha. that's why i don't like diet food, they are just way too bland! i like salty food, btw ;)

  5. Yay! thanks dear! i hope i can chop again. hahaha

  6. @_el@i_ hahaha! same! i didnt finished up my food at there too! :(

  7. @poorprince food looks awesome and taste "AWESOME" too! LOL!!

  8. yeah, that would be a very nice experience to dine in such a nice environment with a nice view..

  9. hey, i noticed there's a juice specially "FOR MEN".. hmmm, pumpkin + pineapple?? hahaha, maybe i can try at home~~ :D

  10. and i actually think the "watan hor" is very nice lor, haha!! especially the fried onions ontop, so fragrant hor?? :D

  11. @[SK] hahahah! yea FOR MEN. u try then tell us. mwahahaha

  12. actually the fried chicken that comes with the fried rice also nice.. haha!! die lor, see all the food i like so fattening~~ :D

  13. @[SK] LOL! dnt worry u wont get fat if u eat foods at here! i can guarantee dat! :p

  14. wahh....burger so expensive...=___= i can get one that's very nice at a much cheaper price... =.=

  15. Wah, restaurant with a view....can have a romantic meal there! LOL

  16. these are the places that I love to go...healthy foods and nature!

  17. Actually i don mind unsalted butter, still yum! :)

  18. And that banana fritter sure looks crispy, i would like to taste that!

  19. hehe i can't stick to healthy food because it's tasteless! :P

  20. enjoy ur weekend sweetie! :* :*

  21. Wah nice ah this place.. the name also so nice...

  22. @Mariuca Morning too! :) hahaa eee dnt like it tasteless! :p yea dat one yummy!! :D

  23. @Monica HIGH 5 Monica! :D enjoy u weekend too sweetie! :DD