A Day with SS!

SS not Syok Sendiri, kay! 

We're friend for quite a period but this is only the SECOND time hang out together after the FIRST one!!

Sukma + Salmiah = SS

I only know that I am joining them for the next day when am on the way home after the dinner. :)
Seems like I didn't rest during the whole weekend aight. 

Mia fetched me at noon and headed to Sukma's house and follow her car to the wedding. :)
I saw two huge camps and actually this is the second time attending Malay's wedding. 
As usual, its very crowded!

Luckily the foods was nice.
Not all spicy foods.
Malay married with Chinese, no wonder I can 60% Chinese at there! *lol*

We took our foods and get a table for us.
Since that time is still Raya time, they served us Raya cookies as well!

Mia's foods.

This is definitely not mine.
We spent an hour at there and left.
I couldn't stand with the heat and the crowd at there. :(

We then headed to Upperstar for catch up session! :D

Mango Mambo , Chocolate Smoothie and Apple Juice

Us with our refreshing drinks! :)

We enjoy chit-chat and ordered some light meals. 

Fried Spring Rolls

I forgot what's the name for this but I love it very much!
Sandwich with chicken slice meat and cheese and bacon on top of it.
It's just simply yummy! :)

Never missed camwhoring! XD

After done with our so-called hi-tea, we then headed to Centre Point to do some shopping.
Bodyshop and Doss. :D

We got same shoes for ourselves too! :D
Happily walk out with our shoes! :p

I got myself two pairs of it!

We didn't end at there, I brought them to Sasa outlet and got Sukma mini makeover.
She bought herself the latest foundation called pudding foundation with 70% water based.
It just simply amazing after she got the mini makeover and all of us got to try the pudding foundation!

On the way home, we planned another meet up which is not confirmed yet!
Seems like very hard for us to meet up. *LOL*
Perhaps, only Sukma as I can meet up with Mia very easily! :p
I had a great time with both of them! :D



  1. looks like a nice day out... hmm i have never attended a Malay's wedding before! :P

  2. it's always fun when girls go out together, and do all the girly things..

  3. i bet must be a lot of gossipping and chit-chatting, and definitely a lot of loud laughters!! haha~~

  4. hmmm, getting the same shoes for each and everyone?? did you also get some similar design clothes?? :p

  5. for me, if friend is going to buy something, i will for sure not going to buy the same design, haha!! :D

  6. heiyerr...must control spending already!! lol

  7. @[SK]correcto!! hahaha! LOL! shoe same design is okay but not shirt i guess! :p

  8. wow...shopping spree.. i love shopping for shoes too!

  9. ohh la la... another food trip again. hehehe.

  10. LOL after shopping sakan sure la happily walk out right? Muahahaha! wah shoe shopping!

  11. How come Mia's food is definitely not yours? Cause spicy is it? wah so yum! :)

  12. Hope u guys can meet up again soon. Am supposed to meet up with old colleagues this weekend but now have to cancel plans cause got family emergency... :(

  13. Happy weekend sweetie, enjoy urself shopping and makan2 summore ok? ;)

  14. me too can't stand malay wedding.. the heat!!! i wonder how the wedding couple can tahan there..

  15. Wah, so good leh, makan, shopping and hang out with frens!

  16. Wa...what a great day u have there. The shoe is so nice!

  17. @suituapui tsk tsk! i know i need to control on my spending dy. :(

  18. @Mariuca haha TRUE!! We love shopping right? :p haha yea i wont take spicy foods! :p