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Relax, relax and relax @ Sutera Harbour

Saturday, October 09, 2010
It's a 5-star resort and of course we do not have the money to stay there!
We just going there to enjoy the views and relax ourselves at there.
After all, it's very rare to get a holiday on Saturday for a person like me!

Since it was a relax time, less words, more pictures!

We just lazed around the lobby there enjoy the soothing music of traditional Kulintangan.

After that we walked around there... 

going down to the pool area...

Love the pleasant weather of that day...

I love the wind at there!

Can you see the sea at there? :)

Mwahaha camwhoring time never mind with the place taken. :p

We just try to unwind ourselves and enjoy the sunshines! <3

I'm glad my sister got to relax herself after had her nonstop examinations!

For Mia and I, of course we felt better after work like hell.

Can you see all the boats there?
The guest who staying in this resort can ride the boat here to islands!
The boats at here is much better and of course luxury too! ;)

Ohyea! We did jump-jump and managed to take not so nice jump shots! :[
But, never mind, better than nothing! :p

Sis Flo is happy...
Mia is happy..
Myself too happy! :D

Time to hunt for food for our dinner!
And that will be my next post! ;)


37 comments on "Relax, relax and relax @ Sutera Harbour"
  1. YAY Saturday chop for me! :D:D:D

  2. I'd be happy too if I look SW like u in these pics he he.. nice pics sweetie! :D

  3. Good to see u and sis Flo enjoying some time to relax and enjoy the breeze, it looks great there Caroline, now I feel like going someplace beachy he he!

  4. @Mariuca eiyerr SW tak syok ler! hahaha yea great day indeed! ;)

  5. Mariuca chop like nobody's business!! hmph >=( LOL only i realized ur sis is darker than you..

    next time bring me also!! muahahaha

  6. @Eric Lee LMAO!!! :D

    wait my sister read this then u noe! hahahaha!!

    wokie! next time bring u n we stay there n u pay, ok? mwahahaha!!!

  7. Flo is happy, Mia is happy, u r happy, I too am happy seeing all the smiles.. it has a contagious effect :)

  8. @Bengbeng oh! im happy to know that u're happy too! :D YAY!

  9. :( was trying.. n trying... n trying.. then line was seriously bad kept on dc... SOBS!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. @Merryn auwww. nemind nemind. wait next post! *hugs*

  11. Nice hotel. Stayed there once...but very scary when you wake up in the middle of the night and an aircraft was about to land, the spotlights shining into your 9-11! I was on the top floor, pulled the curtains wide open because of the beautiful night view from the window.

  12. Hi Caroline!

    Wow, which girl wouldn't be happy if you look as good as you all look in these pics! Beautiful pics again!

    Also, I can see why this is a five-star hotel. It does look nice there.

    See ya later my fellow Sagittarius friend!

  13. hey sweetie! I've never been to Sutera Harbour...bring me also! :D

  14. nice pics!! wah camwhoring in the toilet oso!? :D

  15. wow, very nice resort.. the seaview is just superb!!

  16. and of course, the view won't be perfect without the three pretty girls lah.. haha!! xD

  17. why you say you seldom have holidays on saturday?? you working 6 days a week??

  18. You gals do look relaxed.

    Think I stayed in Sutera Harbor once, friend's treat since he get's super low discount and wanted to see how good is Sutera Harbor.
    So he stayed in the Hotel that day to review it while I took our Japanese guests to go boat riding.

    It didn't look like a 5-star hotel to me. I remembered there was a wooden window in the bathroom where you can open it to see the bedroom. O_o
    1st time I come across such thing.

  19. @suituapui ahhaa! cz d resort quite near to the airport ma! aiyo! i love the sunrise at there! :D

  20. @David FunkHeya David! ;) haha thankies! :D i love the resort n stayed there once only n only for a night! :) really nice! heee.

  21. @Monica haha back here n we can go there! :D MWAHAHAHA! yeaaa the toilet very very very clean! n smell nice! mwahaha

  22. @[SK]yesh yesh love the seaview! the golf view oso not bad! :D LOL! yeaaa 6 days a week! :(

  23. hahahaha! yeaaa dat for couple one la! lol! the bed very very huge summore! :p not 5 star, then how many star lar? lol

  24. it's like the bay view park we have here in manila

  25. we usually go there every holiday... or vacation...

  26. have a great day buddy and happy blogging

  27. Ooh I went to Sutera Harbour before too! Beautiful and lovely place! Very relaxing in the evening indeed :)

  28. Nice resort! Seems that all of you enjoy it very much!

  29. Your photos are cute and nice too ;)

  30. @bluedreamer27 yea i love the bay view too! ;) wow so nice! i seldom go here actually. :) u too have a great day! :D

  31. @iamthewitch Wow u been here before? nice!! :D yea love the place very much! :D

  32. @* Michael * Hehe thanks Michael! :D enjoy a lot indeed. :))


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