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Fun Friday - 05

Friday, October 29, 2010


Sometime somehow I wish I can manipulate the weather as I only want it rain when I'm at home. 
I have to struggle so hard to concentrate in doing my work during rainy days.
I tend to yawn, yawn and yawn... wish I can just stay at home and sleep! Smiley
Coffee works on most of everyone but not me.
I don't drink coffee, so it's hard to keep myself stay fresh and shoo away the drowsiness. 


My boss actually suspecting us, the employees and he thought we tell other company ( competitor ) about our cost and pricing matter.
Who would be so smart to give out private and confidential info to competitor right?
We working for the company, the company get high profit, we will get higher bonus as well.
Why would we do something that is useless to us right? Smiley


A NO WATER day for us today.
I've try my best no to go toilet but ended up keep on drinking water and have to go toilet for every 2 hours?
One of my colleague wanted to do big biz and she ended up drove home and back to office after that. 
The water plumber only came to fix it at 4pm so just hoping that tomorrow everything back to normal.


Ms Susie invited me to join the Halloween Party at her cafe tomorrow.
Too bad I've got event to attend and paid for the ticket already.
Though I wish I can go for the party instead of the dinner after I know that my table going to be the third row ( initially at the front row ) .
Perhaps I can join the Halloween Party for a while if the dinner finish early. 


My sis went shopping with mom today and she is bugging me about she can't fit the L size shorts.
I can't help myself but laughing out loud when she is telling dad that it's not herself fat but the shorts is too small. She even telling us that they put the wrong size tag on it.
My lil brother Gilbert said to her " Just admit that you're FAT "
Ouch! It's hurt my sister.

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42 comments on "Fun Friday - 05"
  1. love coffee!! muahahhaa it's my numero uno drink!! XD...sorry for being the opposite with u wifey...hehe

  2. why not cut short the INTI night to go for the party? lol

  3. haha, talking about TGIF.. we just went to TGIF to celebrate a colleague's birthday, haha..

  4. well, very difficult to say how loyal an employee will be.. it could, or it may not be the employee who trade confidential info to competitors actually..

  5. wow, no water is really unbearable!! i rather there's no electricity than no water supply..

  6. haha, seems like you miss a lot of nice event during your trip to KL horr?? but then again, you are meeting your boyfie woh, so what's more worth than that?? :)

  7. haiz, it's really demotivated when you find out you can't fit in L size clothes.. so i will just not buy that though XL will fit~~

  8. So dinner, got party - always look on the bright side. Be happy! And by the way, [SK}, I wear XXXL and sometimes more...

  9. morning! haha it was raining cats n dogs here this morning..i love it! :D

  10. u don't drink coffee!?? i can't live without coffee huhu..

  11. Coffee is my daily dose to stay awake. Thinking of having to drive all the way back home to do big biz, I can't help laughing at what you wrote.

    Have a good weekend!

  12. enjoy ur weekend sweetie.. and the Halloween Party too if u're going! :D

  13. Don't suspect the person who work for u, or else just fire that person, that's it! Tell ur boss abt this!

  14. well rainy days is just too sleepy

  15. it would be fun to go on a halloween party

  16. happy halloween carol
    have a great day

  17. I love Coffee it is what keeps me going. I love sleeping on rainy days also LOL. Have fun at your party my friend.

  18. oh i am losing weight...wanna exchange with your sister... because i want meat then get them tight... just a bit skinny now ><

  19. He he he, luckilly I am skinny!

  20. @Eric Lee lol! FC dy then actsy more pula. :p

    paid for the tix dy ma. :(

  21. @[SK] whoaa TGIF worr! :D hmm but t made us felt bad when he started to suspect on us. :(

    me too! no electric is still ok to me! no water, cham!

    haha this one didnt miss cz next week then go KL ma. :)

    haha i only wear SS or S. mwahaha am soooo skinny!

  22. @Monica Haha gud for u! :D

    HAHA i dnt like coffee!! :p

  23. @Inspired Momx1 hahaha! yea i also shocked when i call her n she say she inside toilet at home. hahahaha!!

  24. @Monica yes i went to the party too! will blog bout it later on. :D

  25. @poorprince hehe TRUE! n glad dat i went to both. mwAHAHA

  26. @BillMe love sleeping on rainy days too! but most of the time it rained when am in office. :(

  27. @fufu hahaha! u whr got skinny! still so fit n yeng! :D

  28. Yeah I also wish I can manipulate the westher so it can rain all night! Haha!

  29. Coffee works on me - makes me alert! But sometimes makes me jittery also. Worse, makes me want to go toilet to do big business!

  30. So cannot drink more than one cup a day! LOL!!

  31. Huh? Your boss suspected you all ah? Well, maybe he thought you all get paid for stealing information? Haha

  32. No water? That's a nightmare!! I hate it when there's no water.

  33. YOU are a snake, how come your characteristics are like a PIG? LoL...

  34. @foongpc haha! nice to sleep in if rain at nite!!

    harr? how come? lol dats funny!! :p

    err think so. but this is stupid larr! shudnt suspect on us! :(

    dats total nitemare for everyone of us. grrr

    wait she saw ur comment then u noe! LOL!!

  35. @suituapui Ohyes! agree with u as i wanted to be fat too!!


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