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Fun Friday - 03

Friday, October 01, 2010

Congratulation again to boyfie for his convo!


Remember I mentioned about the water lilies at Larry & Vince's Farmstay right?
I went there again on Tuesday night and managed to witness the beautiful water lilies blooming!

This one is white color one! :)
You can see the purple color one in my previous post. :)

Actually the reason I went to Larry & Vince's farmstay on that night was to join the ceremony.
The Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment went there with RTM crews to capture and introduce the farmstay.


                                                                           [source: here]

You may click to enlarge it. :)

02 October is holiday for all the Sabahans. 


Recorded this during Mid Autumn Festival night when we all back to grandma's place. :)


Today our boss treated us lunch. 
He brought us to his in law's newly opened coffee shop.

It looks simple right?
But seriously the taste damn nice! ;)

I love this one very much!

TGIF peeps! :D


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41 comments on "Fun Friday - 03"
  1. wohoo congrats to your boyfie Eric Caroline!!! well done!

  2. @LadyJava yay! FC! :D lemme put up ur badge 1st ah.. hahaha

  3. Congrats to boyfie phewitttt! Sure lega dah selesai.. for now! :)

  4. LJ Fast on Unifi mah!! ahehehehhe

  5. @Mariuca n yet i try to smile , nasib look natural juga. :( padahal d hand tah pergi mana dah.

  6. @LadyJavahahaha sure cz of ur UNIFI! i got another fren using it too! aiseh! me oso tempted dy!! yish!

  7. wow.. took pic with minister!!! not bad.. and congratulations to your boyfriend!

  8. Oh oh, is that the minister...?? OH!!
    :P Wah I want the noodles.. looks delicious! :) Congrats to Eric!!

  9. @Mariuca thanks a lot!! yar...memang lega!! LOL XD

  10. awww tenkiu for featuring me wifey!! love you!! XD

    nice water lily!!

    so that's retarted person?

    haylie memang cute!! HAHAHA XD

    next time bring me eat!! =3

  11. u r very lucky to get to see the lily bloom wor... very rare chance :)

  12. Glad you have a great week with good food, watching water lilies and as well as Eric's convo! :)

  13. @reanaclaire taking pic with minister not bad, but its not dat gud too. :/

  14. @Eric Lee Heee love u too! :D nice leh! ;p err yea..dats him. :/ hahahaha! of course she is cute! :p lalala

  15. haha, congratulations to your boyfie!! but too bad you were not there with him to feel the joy~~

  16. eih, that water lily is so gorgeuos!! very nice photo taken.. bet you must have a great time in the farmstay yeah?? :)

  17. so envy, you have holiday today!!! hehe, but anyway, i'm also not working on saturday lah.. kekekeke!! :p so what is this holiday actually??

  18. Congrats to Boyfriend.
    The water lily so pretty!! =)

  19. October 2 is my cousin's birthday and i am here at their house today haha

  20. hi caroline..
    thanks for your continuous support to my blog despite of my absenses

  21. will try to catch up again here

    have a great day and happy blogging

  22. what does convo means? is it graduation?

  23. @[SK]haha yea lor am not there! :( nemind going to meet soon too! ;p hehe nice leh! mwahaha me very relief for getting this holiday. ;p

  24. @Soh Hong Wei Thnks bro! :D yeap very pretty n i luv it! :))

  25. @bluedreamer27 whoa so nice! Happy birthday to ur cousin! :D my pleasure Milton ! :) yup same meaning. hehe

  26. hey caroline! congrats to you boyfie ;)

  27. the water lily looks so beautiful! is little haylie dancing? hehehe. so cute la. and the foodies looks so yum yum. happy monday caroline. have a great week ahead ;)

  28. @_el@i_ hehe thanks Elai! ;) haha yeap she is dancing thr. haha! u too Elai!


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