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Stink Bean, anyone?

Friday, July 16, 2010
I know you guys been thinking what kind of company I've been working for all this while.
Too many weirdo things? *lol*

There's one of those days and one of the client brought a plastic of stink beans, or it is well known as "Petai" in malay. :)
Ms Chang was so happy and yea since none of us in the office eat it, she took it ALL.
The boss not around and we're all quiet free that time, Ms Chang then start peeling it.

DSC00505.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

The stink beans.

DSC00513.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Ms Chang peeling and took out the beans. :)

DSC00507.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

I didn't take it but just making fun with it. :P

DSC00509.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

With Ella.

DSC00508.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

With Olivia.
I've learnt how to peel it and kinda fun actually. XD
After we saw Ms Chang eat it raw, and she told us that it is yummy.
Olivia and I give it a try, and hell no! Just a small bite is enough to make me vomit!
Goodness!! The smell!!! :S
Olivia seem okay with it but she can't even swallow it. LOL!
Jessica tried and she quickly drink water.
Ms Chang still continue eating that time.  @.@

DSC00506.jpg picture by Kawaiirol
It looked fresh actually.
I think if eat it with sambal belacan, maybe I still can take it.
Raw?  Can't take it at all!

Guess what?
After few minutes, the whole office smell stink!
Oh gawd! I rather they don't even speak a word!
We sprayed the whole office and afraid of boss coming back that time.


I did this when Jessica come and talk to me.
The smells only gone after 30minutes. :S
I don't think I will eat it when am outside. HAHA!!
46 comments on "Stink Bean, anyone?"
  1. yierrr, petai!! i don't like that.. and somemore you all are bringing it to office and peeling that on your seats.. OMG!!

  2. haha, OMG, so long i never chop here already.. hehehehe~~

  3. I love petai with sambal! So yummylicious!!

  4. But I also don't think can eat it raw. Wah! Ms Chang so terror!! Can it them raw!

  5. I eat them raw! Shiok wat! But I don't bring them to office n peel them like dat lah... aiyo... dat's like bringing durian to hotels! @_@

    petai rocks!

  6. @[SK]
    hahaha!!i nvr eat petai b4!! LOL. client brought one la. hahaha!! :D

  7. @foongpc HAHA dats y i said i think if eat wit sambal, i still can take it but not RAW!!! T.T she eat it mcm kacang only. gudnes!

  8. @Merryn OMG! u eat them RAW?! eeee so smelly!! me dat time small bite oso vomit! yucks!!


  10. @Eric Lee hahahaha!! OMG? SMELLY TOFU? eeeuw! smelly! but i love Durian!! :P

  11. Must cook...with sambal udang, Nice! Good for diabetes, high blood...all kinds of health problems. Must take often! LOL!!!

  12. @suituapui Yea! Ms Chang told us how good it is to our health that day too. take often? cannot la! LOL.

  13. Yee...I hate petai @ smelly beans too. Can't stand its taste and gives me headache. :P

  14. Bananaz loves stinko beans cook with prawns and 'thick' *dunno what word* curry yummy..

  15. My favourite food.....mmmm, after eating the toilet stink real bad....LOL!

  16. Incik RestNrilekSJuly 18, 2010 at 9:06 PM


    wahhh peeling petai in the office, what a way to have an aromatic traditional scent. Hehe.

    I like sambal petai but i dont think i can eat it raw too. And if i decide to eat petai, i have to do some planning first, make sure i wont be meeting people later. Ahaha.

    Tabik to Ms.Cheng for being so terror and brave eating raw petai.. aha..

    Have a happy sunday Caroline : )

  17. @Erika Toh haha! gosh i tell u d smells really gv me big headache!! :[

  18. @Bananazஇ the sambal is it?? lol! then u same same with panda foong lor! :D

  19. @Petehahahahaha!! i know why! Ms Chang told me too!! XD

  20. @Incik RestNrilekS Ollaa too! eh yea she is so terror! :P i will never eat it in raw nemore! :S

    Happy Sunday too! :D

  21. that is one of the best anti oxidants.. natural antidote.. but of course, eat with sambal la. :)

  22. fav...i love to eat sambal fried petai...the smell is nice....esp when u pee pee...u also can smell the petai smell...ho lioa!

  23. u guys were peeling petai in the office?! :D

  24. i love petai with sambal belacan only.. not raw! :D

  25. wow that is truly stinking! lol! but I love them with dry shrimp sambal! :)

  26. @Big Boys Oven haha! yea i know. dey said its yummy with dry shrimp sambal too! :D Thnx for dropping by yea.

  27. btw, you look sexy and so pretty in that pic holding the beans ;)

  28. i don't know what its called here although it kinda looks familiar. but i don't know if it smells bad as well.

  29. so funny to read all the comments here bout petai...hahaha

  30. @_el@i_ this beans really smell stink! haha! thnx elai! :D

  31. i hate petai but no doubt its good for health.

  32. OMG, it is! LOL!

    btw, can we exchange links caroline? so i could be updated with yah..i have three sites, mind adding those?thanks!!just lemme know..

    I am...but GAGAY
    Pinoy Medical Doctor
    The Latest Buzzzz

  33. Damn funny la u all peeling and eating petai in da office aiyoooo hahahha!

  34. ohhhhh dis is stink bean hahah petai!

  35. Love dis post and ur blonde hair oso! Goes so nice with ur baju kaler here! :)

  36. @GAGAY haha! okie! no probs. willl put ur links in my blogroll! :D

  37. @Mariuca YEEHA! this our work when boss not around lor. :p haha thnx! but now black hair grow dy. :(


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