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Remember Your Loved Ones

Monday, July 12, 2010
I overheard conversation between mom and the nanny few days ago.
It was quite shocking to me actually, its worse when the nanny start tearing. :(
She actually wanted to apply few days leaves starting this Monday. 

The reason?
Her son was working in Labuan.
Her son often go clubbing with colleagues or with some other friends at night at there.
Just so you know that, clubbing at there very cheap and great too!
The only night life you can find at there was pubs and clubs! No such thing as movie at cinema.

So, there's one night after clubbing on last few months, her son accidentally knocked someone and that person is died. The moment I heard it, its really terrified me! That's when the nanny start tearing. :(
Fortunately, his son did not just drive away, he went to police station and admitted his crime.
His boss willing to pay for the bail and then transfered him back to KK's branch at here.
The son didn't even tell his parents about the whole thing until last week.

He told them that he needed their help to attend the court.
He needed them to show their medical report so that the judges will only pass less sentence on him.
He wanted to appeal so that the court will not give him dead sentence as he have to take care of his parents.
Which parent in this world willing to see their child end up their life in prison?
None, right?
The nanny and husband going to help him no matter what.

To be frank, am not quite sure if this is going to work for them, as this is involved someone's life.
But, knowing that her son admitted his crime to the police on that night, am going to pray for their lucks too.
Crime is still a crime, just hope that he will not getting dead sentence.

[ P/S : Do always remember your loved ones in doing anything. :) ]
27 comments on "Remember Your Loved Ones"
  1. kudos to him for having the courage to admit it! i hope someone learns something with this story :)

  2. Is he drunk driving?
    Hope he will have a lighter sentence and the deceased's family will forgive him someday :(

  3. wont get death sentence one.. unless purposely wanna murder the fella.. maybe gantung license.. depending on how it is.. drunk or reckless driving..

  4. @Monica yea im feeling glad a bit after heard it, at least he didnt runaway that night. but still...

  5. @reanaclaire is it?? i hope it wil happen diz way. :) after all he did admit his crime. :)

  6. @Kelvin yea drunk driving, after clubbing, what u expect right? :( hope so. :)

  7. may God bless them...never understand why people will drive when they are drunk..his friends do nothing to stop him from driving? or all also plain drunk? =___=

  8. @Eric Lee dnt hv any idea. :s err his frens drunk too. =.=

  9. dat's why i said last time, dun drink and drive.. sigh..

  10. Don't drink and drive lorr, dangerous!

  11. oh mai, good thing that he admit to the polis station, as if he drive away, it could be a different story already. I'll pray for them no worries may :)

  12. Ya, clubbing is nice...but go to good classier and more exclusive places and choose the right crowd. Some clubs are really the pits... Or don't go at all.

  13. aiyoh...really scary ler...esp he killed someone ... hoep he wont get death sentence ... keep us updated with this story yeah...very interesting

  14. Yupe! No matter what I do I will think about my family first. :)

  15. OMG, i'm shocked to hear that too.. the nanny must be terrifiedly sad about her son..

  16. actually did the nanny's son drink and drive?? this could be a very serious sentence.. but if he didn't i think should be less serious.. really hope he is fine too, think he must be a very young guy only right??

  17. @Merryn yes if drink better dnt get drunk or ask other ppl to drive. :(

  18. @Vicky 刘宁 Yea me too glad to hear dat, just hope everything is going fine to him. :) thnx yea. :)

  19. @vialentino Yea i hope so, the nanny heart broken into pieces she told us, her eldest son somemore. :(

  20. @[SK]
    he drink n drive. :/ dats y with alcohol contain, bit worry bout it too. he is near 30 dy.

  21. Let justice take its course, if her son was not in the wrong like (drunk driving, speed driving) then the truth shall prevail, unless otherwise proven then one must pay for our mistakes as required by the law.

    When i drive,you know i always be sure that i am right even if a accident should happen,let us be law abiding.................

  22. Drive carelessly or with undue care, and if cause death, expect to be slapped with Section 41 of the RTO 1987. could get a mandatory jail sentence of 2 to 10 years jail or fined a total of RM500 to RM2000. license could also be suspended too.

    No death Sentence. But enough to destroy his futures.

  23. @Isley Chang~ oh gawd.. diz one consider very cham dy. :s thnx for d link yea. :)


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