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My Sweethearts...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010
What a busy and hectic life to go through nowadays.
I've been wanted to blog so badly.
Thank God that I have time to tweet and chat time with Merryn and Witch the other day! XD

Now let me start my words...
Bunch of thankies and lurves for Erika for awarding me this one! xoxo!

How I get to know this new friend?
Mwahaha. =D

What's the meaning behind this award?
" You're so sweet, it just makes my life SWEETER "
[ glad to know that i'm one of those sweethearts of yours! ]

Her blog => Haus of Kaka
It is very very colorful. *lol*
Her blog full with her own cooked dish!
I somehow love the way she cooked as maybe it's simple and of course because of most of them is Chinese style cook. 

One of the MOST I likey in this award post on hers:

 The meaning behind the design^^ :
  • I choose a cupcake because I LOVE CUPCAKESvery much! XD
  • Perfect, lovely cupcakes are always baked with lots ofTLC - Tender, Loving, Care, which shows how much appreciation and love I have towards the bloggers. ;)
  • Cupcakes are always beautifully decorated and most importantly, tastes sweet inside out, thus portraying the sweetness and beautiful personality of the bloggers that just makes my life sweeter, thanks to them. ^^

Thanks again sweetie for this award.

Another thing I love this award is because we don't need to tag and limit numbers of bloggers I can share with. So, I would like to share this with my SWEETEST blogger friends too!

Mag / Mia / APAN / Chris / Hong Wei

[ P/S: You guys meant so much to me, SWEETHEARTS! <3 ]
42 comments on "My Sweethearts..."
  1. Thanks for the award sweet lady. I appreciate it very much. hugs :D

  2. Aww sweet girl! You'll always be my sweetheart too Caroline! :)

  3. Season of tags.. thanks Caroline!!

  4. @reanaclaire haha but i gotta rest from those after this. lol need to cont wit my life blog. xD

  5. Thanks for the award! Ooh cupcakes - they are sweet indeed! : )

  6. @foongpchehe no prob panda! sweet but u not sweet one horr? hahahaha

  7. wah,..thanks...saw my site there... time to chat with witch and merryn so much ...thought u sakit and busy one...

    last night , i tertidur and msn dc ler...lazy to reconnect back to chat...sorry yeah

  8. thankz so sweet of you to share sweet blogger award..tQ

  9. @vialentinohahaha!! the other day la i meant. :P haha me oso knocked off early la last night. hehehe.. its okie lor! =D

  10. Got award! Yeay.. TQ!

    Psst... I'm 'dissapearing' for a while until I settle some mess... Will be back. U take care until my return ok?


  11. @Merrynu will always get this from me! cz u alwys being so sweet to me! hee

  12. thanks for the award!! Ur award makes me want to be sweetier XD

  13.'re really extreamly sweet, Caroline. *Super huggies.... ♥ XD

    You really deserve the sweet blogger award and I'm very happy, glad and honoured to present it to you, darling. ^^

    Again, thanks so much for the super lovely + beautiful + creative + all things wonderful + nice post and links. *Huggies... ^^

    ♥ Knowing and having you as my friend and supporter is really an honour and a privilege. I'm really lucky to be able to know you and have you as a friend. :D

    Thank you so much, Caroline. You mean a lot to me. Thanks. *Huggies... *Muawhs.... XD

    Do have a beautiful day and keep spreading your sweetness around. ♥ You're really a rare and beautiful friend to have. ^^

    The people around you are lucky to have known and have you as a friend too. God bless your kind soul, sweetie~ ♥ ^^


  14. @Erika Tohgosh so long ! heee. u're most welcome la sweetie. :) glad to noe u too! =D *hugs* xoxo

  15. So sweet of you! <3
    Thank you for the award!! <3 hugs!

  16. me tak makan cupcakes wan...XD thanks..although i'm not a sweet person to begin with...muahahaha XD

  17. @Eric Lee hmph! i got say wanna give u cupcake meh?! bwek!

  18. @Caroline Ng May Ling then tag me pulak!! hmph.....cabbit ini banyak bu shuang me...hmph

  19. @Eric Lee just now promised dy wont call me dat, but here call cabbit again. :/

  20. wow am proud u put my name on yr blog :) hehe. twittervile rules!!!

  21. Congrats on the award Caroline..u're a sweet person indeed!! ;)

  22. thanks so much for passing it to me too!! hehe i love cupcakes :D love yah too <3

  23. @QuaCheehehe! glad u like it k. :) say yay to twitterville! =D

  24. @HenRy LeE ® hehe thnx! eh u too rcv this award one worr! xD

  25. Ahhh, thanks for sharing the sweet cupcakes....yummy!

  26. THANK YOU THANK YOU~~ i like this sweet Award~

  27. Hi Caroline,

    I just want to drop by and congratulate all the recipients of this cute award!

    Have a nice day ;)

  28. i already updated my blogroll with your new URL, but then still the gadget points to the old one.. no wonder i don't see any updates!!

  29. eih, since when you post this huh?? i never realised~

  30. oh btw, thanks for the award!! hehe~~ :)

  31. and oh, i like your change to use back the blogger commenting.. it's so much easier!!! last time that disque commenting is so troublesome and it cannot sense my keystroke..

  32. @[SK]
    sobs.. i know, merryn n eric told me dey cant see my update still even after relink me. :( hehe i found this "reply" button, mwahaha! okie welcome!


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