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I am Lovable!

5:08 PMCaroline Ng May Ling

Wondering who are they??
Okie peeps, that's Sukma and Salmiah!

How we know each other??
We know each other through phone calls.
Both them from other companies and the company they working for is the clients of my company. :)
We've known each other for quite long, I mean as in months.

One afternoon, Sukma called me and asking me to come out for a drink.
Of course am quite surprised with that!
Salmiah came to my office before and yea she met me before.
I didn't know that Sukma and Salmiah is best friend!
They are both from different companies, so why would I expect that?

Sukma asked me to join them and Salmiah fetched me up after work.
So, we then headed to KFC and *gosh*, we had a long chit chat!!
Never expect can talked till quite long and really had a great time with them! :D

Now, how I wish they are my colleagues. :/

For those who's been following my blog since long time ago, sure you guys know that they're certain colleagues kept on giving me problems!
I've been trying to ignore them all this while and yea they just won't stop it.
I just know that they start spreading stupid rumors and funny thing is they didn't know that they are just humiliating themselves for doing so?
Everyone is talking about them. :S 

I wanted to confront that girl and really want to know what her problems with me, but again I know she will just asking for apology and will not telling me anything, 
This is shucks ok?

So, I prefer not to give a damn on it. It's not like I can zip off your mouth.
I pissed off but yea I know much more people loving me as I am so LOVABLE!!
[ Alright, just joking! I am not. That only applicable to my dearest hubby! XD  ] 

Okie! Happy weekend to all of you! :D


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  1. wah best ah make new friends.. and they look so friendly lah..

  2. ish...stupid internet connection make me cannot become FC...T___T

    of coz only applicable to me...wahahahahaha XD love you!!

  3. oh i agree that you are lovable! don't mind those people, caroline. they just envy you. stay as lovable as you are. happy weekend ;)

  4. wah.. too mush sweet thing, later can get diabetic. bulu roma dah berdiri.

    Bully usually enjoy response of their victim. When no response, bullies will quit bully the victim.

  5. hahaha, ok ok, sure you are very lovable, or else your customers won't even want to ask you to come out and dine together.. :p

  6. hmmm, never have such a good relationship with customers before.. maybe girls are easier to get along together?? :)

  7. so lovable. even client can be best friend~. if only my client is like your client.

  8. Good friends are hard to find....

  9. i agree with everybody here that you are very lovable person. Hubby hmmmm very interest LOL

  10. @Eric Lee ish cannot become FC then blame the internet connection pula! tsk!!tsk!! heee sure la! <3 u too!

  11. @_el@i_ auww thanks Elai!! :D happy weekend to u n family too! :D

  12. @Ghosty Nana whoopsie!! wei wei not much sweet thing here yet. :PP

    well i've been ignoring them for few months already and dey seem not going to stop it. :S

  13. @[SK]MWAHAHAHA!! :PP err not sure leh! cz i saw some of the male colleague also quite close with certain customers as well. :D

  14. @Isley Chang~ Hahaha! Isley, am sure you too can get them! :D Oops i mean ur clients. heeee :D

  15. @Monica thanks Monica!! :D mwahaha don't be surprise!! I forgot i only told Mariuca bout it! :P

  16. @Billhahahaha!! thanks Bill! :P you knew about him already what! hahaha

  17. WHAT??? You have a hubby already? *I think I go and kill myself now... Sobs! Bye-bye, cruel world! LOL!!!

  18. Hi Caroline!

    I've only just recently met you from some of the same friends we have in common that commented here. I can tell you are lovable(and pretty) indeed.

    Like the cliche goes: Haters are confused admirers who can't understand why people love you.

    See ya later!

  19. @suituapui hahahhaa!! auwww STP! u're always in my heart one! mwahaha! u so cute n so nice to me! :D my hubby oso must respect u one! n must sayang u as well! :D

  20. @David Funk Hi David! yupez i know! hehehe weeee! thnx! *blush*

    hey i like that! :D

  21. You are lovely as always my friend
    have a great day and happy blogging

  22. You're so LOVABLE that I have to say I love you! LOL!

  23. small world rite....sometimes u dunno tht one of ur friend is a best friend of ur own friends ...

    phone call also can make temujanji to go out for time i call u to kl...come ere for drink with me yeah...hehehe.

  24. Uwahhhh LJ oso chopped here edi but me haven't kan? boo hooo...

  25. U mean those nasty colleague/s bitching abt you or what? :(

  26. Thank goodness I am working from home, no nasty colleagues to get on my nerves! :) Happy Monday sweetie!

  27. @vialentino yeaaaa u're right! okie call me now, i'll be waiting for ur call, n i fly there to go yumcha with u! mwahaha

  28. Wow, you clicked even though it's your first time to meet in person. That's nice!

  29. lah u...knowing me busy wont call u time when u meet witch, invite me too....

  30. Your dearest hubby? Lu bila sudah kahwin? :)

    p/s: TQ for commenting on my blog

  31. she sudah kahwin long time ago...kekeke

  32. @vialentino MWAHAHA!! sure will invite u, n dat time bring Dylan together plz!! let me date with him for few hours. LOL!!! Ehhh manada kawin! XD

  33. @Q Smith hey thnx for dropping by! :D thnx for the compliment!!

  34. Oh my, its already 44 comments? I'm so late... =.=" I'm so sorry for the late response, darling. Next time, I'll come visit faster. ;)

    Btw, I totally agree that you're loveable, adorable, and so sweet - so much better than the girl that talks bad about you behind you! XD

    Be and stay pretty, darling^^ *Muawhs*

  35. hahaha...sure sure...u teman n entertain him while me and yve makan dinner...hahaha.

  36. @Erika Toh its okie to be late as now u're here! thnx darling! u too sweet person! ;)


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