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Just realized that I am WRONG.

Monday, May 10, 2010
What's wrong?
I was thought the Blog Idol is just a fun game and contest for everyone?
I just realized it was totally wrong!

Say me whatever, I am quite a sensitive person.
I was so damn busy this whole day at work and hardly have time to do blog hopping, the only thing I can do is just looking at those updates from my dearest blogger friends.
I go read it and gotta wait till am free then I go re-visit their blog and leave comments.
This morning I saw the update about the starting of Blog Idol in my blogroll, am so excited for it.

I only know that mom and sister voted for me after I received text from sister.
I then go take a look and am feeling glad that my song received few votes. :)
I continue with my blardy workload and finished work and home.

I woke up from my nap and online, WTF?!
I received few HATE mails from I-DUNNO-WHO-THE-HELL-ARE-YOU-GUYS and saying me this and that and hurts me a lot. 

Let me tell you guys,
If you don't like my song, then just vote for your favorite idol at there and leave it.
I don't care la if you say me get all those votes is because of my picture or saying I thought myself is pretty or saying I'm just friend with those famous blogger to get publicity or saying about First Commenter thingy is just to attract people to come here or what-so-ever.
You don't even know me, or should say YOU DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO GET TO KNOW ME, so please DO NOT SIMPLY SAY ME.

* I NEVER say myself pretty because there are many others much prettier than me.
* I DIDN'T FORCE those people to vote for me.
*PLEASE DEFINE FAMOUS AT HERE? If they don't like to be friend with me, they can always ignore and stop visiting my blog.
*Talking about FC? This is the way I show my appreciation my blogger friends and readers. 

You are telling me your friend which is one of the contestant submitted greater song than mine, so why don't you guys just go vote for your idol then, what for you guys sending me those mails?
Why don't you just post your blardy opinion at the comment section at there and just show it to everyone?
I had all these enough.


If you want to know all the songs that I've submitted for the contest, here it is.

My Girl by Temptations
Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brother
Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
Hey Soul Sister by Train
Endless Love by Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie
The Climb by Miley Cyrus
Don't Stop Believing by Journey
Thank God I Found You by Mariah Carey
Heal The World by Michael Jackson

I don't mind if you don't vote for me, each song categories going to take a week so you can always vote your favorite song within that week, so I am sure you guys will have the chance to ELIMINATE me from the contest.

I've learnt from my lesson now, this is going to be the first and LAST one.
I will never ever join any online contest anymore.

If you don't like my blog then just leave.
I can't believe with myself for crying for such matter, but it just me.
Guess I need to take a break from blogging or whatever related with this contest thingy.

[ P/S: I am not being hypocrite at here because if I am hypocrite, I am sure everything will be posted up at here.  Later if I post it up and people say me just want to raise sympathy. Sigh. All those just going to dirt my page, so what for? Just that please respect a person especially when you don't even know that person. ] 
30 comments on "Just realized that I am WRONG."
  1. *sigh* That is why I never participate in such competition, because some people out there are damn ugly, i tell you... i mean, their heart are ugly, and they would do anything to gain attention.

    You may think such thing is just for fun, but others dun think that way, Carol. They're using it as a stepping stone to be famous and gain attention. They dun do that for fun, but for absolute attention, hence, you receive such hate mails.

    Dun pay any heed to them and give them the satisfaction of knowing that you are upset with it. Just continue to have your fun, okay? I'll support you.

  2. take a break from blogging because of this? dun think this is worth it...there are always haters no matter u like it or not...and what's more amusing is that they dun have the balls to show who are they and so on..i think u shouldn't care much about them..if u get those email...why not publish them and see if they really are capable of saying other people..dun worry...u got many supporters here...dun worry

  3. The thing is Caroline, you keep doing what you think is right. Ignore those extra sensitive morons who have nothing better else to do than to poke their noses in other ppl's business. No one is asking for unwanted attention but these morons are the one who are giving them to you and then.. cursing you behind your back. SO... just ignore and continue with your life. We can't please everybody. As long as we stay true to ourselves and know who our TRUE friends are, we'll live a happy life, online or offline :) *hugs girl*

  4. oh gosh, who are those culprit?? so not gentleman at all!! and i can tell you, you still is the sweet FC Queen, and you've done nothing wrong at all.. it's those moron who has done things wrong!!

  5. i mean it's just a little contest in this small circle of bloggers.. what's there to shout and to hate around others?? oh come on, please be more matured!! and what's there to be famous about within the bloggers?? oh my, as if being famous can earn lots of money like Bill Gates??

  6. you have your freedom to take part in the contest and submit whatever song you think fit.. and you have your rights to be voted by those who think you are doing well..

  7. i'm totally standing at the justice side, i'll stand by you.. although i didn't vote your song as my favourite though (hehehehe, i voted Endless Love).. but i guess everyone has their own rights and freedom right??

  8. and i also believe in freedom of speech.. those defamation emails to you, yeah, they have rights to do that too, but please be matured.. you wanna speak, speak loud but please don't pinpoint at people with your own narrow perspective..

  9. you did nothing wrong to post your photos, because THIS IS YOUR BLOG!! it's your private platform to express yourself.. you have not offended anyone, if anyone out there feels irritated by your blog, then please stay off far.. you have rights to read a blog, and definitely you have rights to refrain from reading a blog, it's that simple..

  10. so now, who are the famous people in this blogsphere?? i really wanted to know.. aren't this just a game within a little circle here only??

  11. btw, i voted and commented in the Blog Idol not because of anyone.. i have to make it clear that, i just want to win that tee-shirt!! hahahahaha :D

  12. haiz, i get even more frustrated than you after reading this post.. ok ok, let me calm down.. most importantly, you don't have to be upset with those kind of people, it's not worth at all!!

  13. btw *again*.. you're doing well in Blog Idol, cos you are now leading the rest with 6 points already, and i see lots of people voting for "My Girl" at 62% now!!!

  14. hmmm, looks like your worst expectation is not right, at least you won't be the first one to be eliminated out of the contest in round 1.. hahaha!! all the best~~ :)

  15. stay happy and keep blogging!! remember you are Caroline "FC Queen" Ng?? hehehehehe :p

  16. hey caroline, don't let other people bug you. continue joining any online contest that you want to join as long as you enjoy doing those. if you let them and this experience hold you back from doing something you enjoy, you are just letting them win and put you down.

  17. Caroline.. we cannot please everyone all the time.. do what that makes us happy .. many of us here have gone thru what u did.. and we r still surviving.. dont be sad, OK?

  18. oh my... my heart is beating so fast... I am so sorry myt friend for causing all this trouble.. I never realized that it will reach this point... I am really really sorry... All i want id all for you to have fun... and that is what my blog offers...
    oh my.. i am so nervous... i relly want to say sorry a million times... hope you forgive me...

  19. Dun be saddened about this, u have many supporters. Believe it or not, if u have haters that means ur blog is doing really well. Example Kenny Sia xD.

    Cheer up yea!

  20. Cheer up! This is blogosphere anything can happen good bad and ugly even if you had not joined Blog Idol. Once you are "exposed" you have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Life is like that. Keep it going. My 2 sen. tQ.

    [Bluedreamer27] you have done a great job, I take my hat off for you. Should any untoward circumstances should befall to all the participants honestly you should not be held responsible and not be overly concerned and take the blame and get stressed out for us. *on behalf of the participants* tQ.

  21. I too never got involved with that sort of contest, unless the ones started by our others dear bloggers friends,, dont worry dear, ignore them.

    you know most of us have once in our blogging life get nasty comments in somewhere, last year i got it so bad, suddenly my comments shot up to all time high of 44 comments,,hahaha, thank those cowards for bringing up my traffic,,,

    so dont worry, you still have my support all the time and god bless

  22. Thank goodness I didn't join...

    Some people can be so mean!!! Just ignore them - not worth getting miserable over this kind of people!

    Thought it's just something for the fun of it for people interested to join... Why, looks like to some people it is such a big deal!

  23. You really don't have to stress yourself out due to their comments girl. They did that to you because they felt insecure and thought that you're a threat to them. If anything, you should be happy because they view you as a potential competitor. Cheer up girl!!! :)

  24. keep moving on and blogging ... support u and luv ur site so much!!

  25. waseh.. join competition also have to send hate mail ah. So funny one. No problem, just laugh at their ignorance! just don't put your address online and no one can find you.

  26. It is like when someone said Sarawakian still lives on tree, I will say I live in caves. Ignorant people do stupid stuff.

  27. Don't be sad over their evil speaking, they will only be happy because they can get such big response from you. you know how pembuli think ,right? They will think is no fun, if no response from the victim.

  28. But really it's not about the contest. So bluedreamer you dun have to apologize!

  29. Oh! There are such "small" people in this world! It's just a fun contest, why do they have to do this?

  30. Just ignore them and continue to do what you are supposed to do. Quitting the blog or not joining the contest is not the way to solve this.


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