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Tadaa! Yoshinoya and Hanamaru Udon are finally in Malaysia! Both of them sharing the same dining space, located at level 3, Midvalley Megamall (opposite the exhibition hall). 

Yoshinoya is the oldest and largest restaurant chains of beef bowl with over 1800 outlets around the globe. Over the years, Yoshinoya has rapidly expanded all around the world, to various countries including Japan, USA, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan as well as Singapore. On the other side, Hanamaru Udon is famous with their sanuki udon that prepared with the best ingredients through unique methods for the signature Hanamaru taste. 

Beef Bowl -RM9.80 (R) RM11.80 (L)

We were there during the prelaunch night and get to try some of their signature dishes, both the beef bowl and sanuki udon. We ordered the large Beef Bowl and it is actually quite huge in portion. Though, it tastes just okay to me. The beef slices were good, but overall it was just okay. 

Spicy Miso Udon -RM12 (R) RM15 (L)
Tori Dashi Udon -RM10 (R) RM13 (L)

We also ordered two bowls of udon from Hanamaru Udon. Both Spicy Miso Udon and Tori Dashi Udon have the same broth, the only difference was the additional spicy miso paste in the other bowl. We really loved the how springy and smooth texture of the noodles! Just so you know that the broth imparts a flavorful aroma of dried kelp and sardines harvested from the tranquil oceans of Japan. It is topped off with Hanamaru's original blend of soya sauce. And omg! Please order your udon with egg! Hanamaru uses Mori-no-tamago brand of egg, that can be eaten raw as the chicken that produces the eggs are fed with a special blend of feeds to produce well-balanced nutritious eggs that are safe and healthy even for children!

We ordered extra side dishes - chicken karaage, tempura and satsusaimo sweet potato - too! The tempura is yummy! I love that and ordered extra tempura for myself!

There's oden too! In case you're wondering, both Yoshinoya and Hanamaru are self-service and fast food kind of Japanese restaurant. At Hanamaru Udon, you'll follow a simple 5-step to get your food.

  1. Take a tray.
  2. Choose your udon.
  3. Pick your favorite side dishes.
  4. Add on oden or rice ball to your meal.
  5. Pay at the counter.

I will definitely go back whenever am craving for a good bowl of sanuki udon! If you haven't check them out, why not stop by and order your favorite beef bowl rice or sanuki udon? Plus, they're priced reasonably too!

Yoshinoya & Hanamaru Udon
Lot T-015B, Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall.
Tel: +603 - 2201 8789

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