First #AABC Hangout 2015!

AirAsia Bloggers with Daphne and Ashman

Sooo... We decided to spend our Saturday by 'torture' our brain today! We were all gathered in Escape Room, Times Square for the very first AirAsia Blogger Community (AABC) gathering this year! It was really awesome because we get to reunite with fellow blogger friends here, especially those from other states.

Escape Room is the place where you need to work with your brain in order to survive or to be exact - escape from the room. Normally, you'll get to choose which room you wish to play, but for today, we were all getting a room depending on our luck! This is where you get to play a role as a detective to solve certain mysteries! It can be fun and tricky at time. 

 Estee & Caroline
Rocky & Eric

Estee, Rocky, Eric and I were lucky to be assigned to the same group today! We've been to Escape Room before, but not this outlet, which also means we do not know what to expect here. One thing though, we love challenge! ୧( ॑ധ ॑)୨

After the welcome speech by Daphne, we were all divided into 18 different groups. There're only 9 rooms available, hence group 10-18 had to wait for our turn. The waiting was really fun with all the fun games conducted this afternoon! It's like a warm-up session for us before enter the real game!

Awesome Team!
Blindfolded game!

The first 3 games were really fun - blindfolded, drawing-guessing and also tug of war! It was crazily fun and I would say, the tug of war game was really hard! And... who would expect such game in a shopping mall?!


So... Here's the craziest part! I prayed hard earlier so that we can get the Alice in Wonderland room as the rest seems scary and I don't think I can ever handle haunted room or vampire room. WE GOT THE ROOM!! However, the previous group took quite long to come out from Alice in Wonderland and we were kinda worried about the level of difficulty for that room! It turned out super fun and totally unexpected because we managed to solve everything and come out from the room within 22-min 54-sec!! 

AABC Champion!

We didn't win the main prize though, but I guess we've tried our best and most important, we had a blast today! Lady luck weren't on our side for the giveaway too! Congrats to every winner today!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Special Announcement
#OOTD with the special #AABC designed t-shirt

What's with the #ootd? Well, AirAsia together with MAKNA (National Cancer Council of Malaysia) will be launching a fundraising campaign to raise funds to support MAKNA's activities to rasise awareness about cancer to the general public and provide assistance and care for cancer patients. 

This specially designed t-shirts will soon (April-June 2015) be on sale on selected venues in the Klang Valley. All proceeds will be channelled directly to MAKNA.

Do not forget to follow AirAsia on Facebook and Twitter for more promotion updates! (。´∀`)ノ


  1. So much fun and you look good as a stewardess!

  2. looks good and potential to be cabin crew!
    Just wonder if you can share how can i join the airasia blogger community?