Not Just Another Markets. #Markets15

They said Sunday is for snuggling. What about Shopping Sunday

Alright, am definitely not trying to find an excuse for myself to do the shopping. But hey, Markets15 is happening and it's not just another Markets by Jaya One! Why is it so? Because this time they have 109 vendors setting up booths ranging from clothing and crafts to food and housewares! And... it's a 2-day bazaar, what makes you think I will not go and check everything out?

Seriously, I really not sure where to start because there's a lot to talk about here and I do not wish to turn this post into a photo heavy post. I guess am just going to talk about some of my favorite vendors here! 

Canmake & Touch in Sol

1. Cosmetic. I am a big fan of Korean/Japanese beauty and cosmetic, seeing Canmake and Touch in Sol at Markets today was really awesome! When it comes to innocent and funky colorful look, you know you can get everything from them! From the face to eye to lip product, they got you all covered. The "50% OFF" and "Buy 2 Free 1" kind of promotion is just irresistible here at Markets!

2. Flash Tattoo. I've been eyeing for these flash tattoos since the day I watched the trend debuted months ago! Guys and girls, whether you're hipster or funky or conservative, you can have almost every single unique design here. These flash tattoos can last for a week depending on how you take care of it. There're few vendors selling it - Shiny Happy People, Habitatt and Peep Boutique -  and I bet you can find more others there too! 

3. Stationery/Notebook/Planner. It is also going to be a perfect place for fellow planners addict as well as travelers notebook addict to find a good bargain and great deals to stock up their stationery supplies like post-it notes, sticky notes, washi tapes, binder clips, cute stamps, etc. There's so many and you'll be spoilt with choices! Some of my favorite vendors here - Sarahzane Craft, Noteworthie Gifts, The Crafters, A Hoarder's Diary, SMK Budak Nakal.

4. Accessories. I was kinda overwhelmed with the amount of vendors selling accessories here! Whether you're looking for a statement or dainty piece of accessories, you'll find them here! No more excuse not to spice up your look with all these accessories! 


5. DIY. Sticking with the accessories, there's always a way for you to spice up your look with a little bit of DIY! DIY KL is one of my favorite vendors at Markets! Anyone up for some arm party here? Look at all the fun looking tassel bracelets! Get one because it's on trend right now yo!

6. Personalized Items. Oh hello! For those who do not know me yet, am a sucker of anything personalized! Check out Verdez Olivia to get some good leather items and get it engraved with your name or anything! Enjoy the engraving service for FREE!

7. Organic/Natural Skincare and Beauty products. Well, we may not have Lush in Malaysia, but we do have Claire Organics, Jeanie Botanicals and Bisou BonBon here! I always grab some of those body soaps, body scrub, lip scrub, mosquito repellant as well as hair spritz from their booth! They smells really divine and most importantly, gentle to our skin! 

8. Cool Beverages. I always discover some new drinks in town here at Markets! I guess it's because I never really know about them until they made an appearance in Markets? Trust me, no one can ever resist the awesome refreshing ciders from Kopparberg! And, I'll always grab my favorite Purple Tango from OMFJ! Of course, if you're a fan of cold pressed juice, Juus Juice is the one that you're looking for. Oh wait, the Tapping Tapir was there too! Grab some soda or ice potong here if you like to. 

9. Food Trucks. You see, Markets team are clever! They let you shop till drop with a twist. There's no need to leave the Markets and look for other cafe or restaurant for foods, because they have various trucks to prepare food for you! All you need to do is look for what kind of food you wish to eat, order and take it, eat it whilst doing the shopping. Brilliant! 

10. Good Coffee on-the-go. Looking for hipster cafe for good coffee? Fret not, Markets team brought it to you here. You'll get to enjoy freshly brewed coffee for your caffeine fix here! Give it a try to Room 203 and Milligram because their coffee is really good!

11. Desserts Galore. See! You'll get to enjoy tons of dessert choices here too! Look at those super cute macarons by The Tiny Temptress!! I can't even describe the joy by just looking at it! There're lots of cakes, cupcakes, macarons, brownies for you enjoy from No EntrĂ©eSift.KL and some others!

12. Fashion Apparels. There's A LOT of fashion apparels vendors this round! Whether you're a cute, fun, hipster, vintage or edgy fashionista, you'll get to find something for yourself here! Some of the vendors are Peep!, Dressabelle, Seoul Couture, Dress & Style MY, Paparazzi Apparel, Velvet ClosetRobe du Jour, I Can't Sew, Trendy Bellaz, etc. Did I mention about their crazy promotion too?! 

Well, there's more reason for you to come by Markets because you also get to learn some Korean makeup tricks! Not only that, there's some fun games going on too, you just need to answer some simple questions and win prizes! 

Of course, performance all day long. It was really fun at Markets and damn, there's so many to check out this time! I can't wait for the next Markets! 

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  1. Thank you for the mention! :)
    I hope you had a great time & do come for the next event as well! :)
    Wei Ni.

    1. Hi Wei Ni! No problem!
      I was so happy to see you at your booth that day but was a bit shy to talk to you! >..<

    2. Hey Caroline,
      Hahahah awwww, next time just say Hi la okay! :)
      Hope to see you in future bazaars. Or just anywhere else! :)

  2. Hi Caroline! Thank you so much for the shoutout! The concept of DIY-ing is still very new here, and we're so grateful for your kind words! <3

    1. No problem! Really love the concept that you girls bring in and I didn't even know that it is actually so easy to DIY those expensive accessories! <3

  3. i arrived in the nick of time like 30mins before 7pm on Sunday, in the crazy storm XD after watching F1 in Sepang, i found myself racing against time to get there, luckily i managed to pull it off safely and bag some products from Canmake, some tarts i nomnom-ed while walking around and Bisou Bon Bon salve. it's a shame i cant spend more coz i really fell in love with some statement necklaces, tribal bracelets, a time turner (Harry Potter!) and a Mockingjay pin. I hope I'll chance upon them again :)

    1. Omg!!! That's seriouslyyyyy crazy!! hahaha! but glad to know you managed to grab some awesome Canmake products! I bet you'll get to see them again at the next Markets! ;D

  4. quite compact and informative! I like it, and the best is it's happening in Jaya One! although It might be expensive, but just drop by to window shopping lar~~` for me =D

    1. thanks Maple! Ah, it's actually not expensive this round because tons of massive promotion! :O Perhaps, it was the so called pre-GST sale! ;D