A Day at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea

I've blogged about the Day 1 in Tokyo, it was pretty packed as we covered Shibuya, Omotesando, Harajuku and Akihabara in a day! And guess what? We spent the second day in Tokyo DisneySea for the entire day! When it come to the theme park, you know you have to wake up really early IF you wish to skip the super long queue to enter the theme park. We thought we were early as we reached DisneySea 15-min before it opens, boy we were wrong, the queue was really, really long and we took almost an hour queue to enter the theme park. It wasn't our lucky day because Japanese were having a public holiday on that particular day too! Can you imagine the amount of the crowds on that day? ヽ(◕﹏◕)ノ

Hope you enjoy our vlog at DisneySea!

Of course, it's best to purchase your tickets in advance at Disney Store to skip the queue at the ticket counter. We first only planned to go Disneyland, but since there's only one DisneySea in the whole wide world, it would be fun to check it out! They said that adults would prefer DisneySea and the Disneyland more for the kids. And, alcohol beverages are available at DisneySea! That's means you can enjoy some booze in the theme park too! 

Port Discovery

The first thing people going to tell you whenever you tell them you are going to theme park is always this - Do not waste your time explore the park, run straight to the attractions/rides and get the FASTPASS! True enough, but it isn't an easy thing to do too! You have to fight with God-knows-how-many of others too! Each attraction/ride only give out a limited amount of FASTPASS and with this special pass, you'll get to skip the long queue and enjoy the ride faster than those who queued for the same ride/show. We didn't manage to get any single FASTPASS at Disneysea, and we spent average 2-hour queueing time for each show/ride. It was just insane and tiring to stand and queue. 

DisneySea Steamer Transit Line

We end up give up queueing and rather enjoy exploring the theme park and only queue if the waiting time is 45-min to an hour long. Or even better, if you know which one you really wanted to try, just queue for those. Grab the map at the park entrance and check which area that you want to go.

Mediterranean Harbor: DisneySea Steamer Transit Line // Fortress Explorations // Venetian Gondolas
American Waterfront: Tower of Terror // Turtle Talk // DisneySea Electric Railway // Toy Story Mania! // Big City Vehicles
Port Discovery: Aquatopia // StormRider
Lost River Delta: Indiana Jones Adventure- Temple of the Crystal Skull // Raging Spirits
Arabian Coast: Caravan Carousell // Sindbad's Storybook Voyage // Jasmine's Flying Carpets // The Magic Lamp Theater
Mermaid Lagoon: Ariel's Playground // Jumpin' Jellyfish // Scuttle's Scooters // Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster // Blowfish Balloon Race // Mermaid Lagoon Theater // The Whirlpool
Mysterious Island: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea // Journey To The Center Of Earth

Tower of Terror

We manage to cover most of it, but we just gotta skip the Lost River Delta and Tower of Terror because I am just really bad handling height issue! My fear of height is just terrible!

Mermaid Lagoon

Jumpin' Jellyfish

My most favorite of all the attractions would be Mermaid Lagoon! It was fun and bright from the outside, and everything is dark and dimmed inside once you entered the lagoon. It also more of a kid friendly attractions. It was too bad that most of the attractions wasn't open, including the mermaid theater. (.﹒︠₋﹒︡.)

Magic Lamp Theater

Another favorite attraction of mine would be the Arabian Coast! We really enjoyed the Magic Lamp theater show here! It's quite interesting! 

We spent most of the time exploring the entire park and found a lot of interesting stuff, just like this one! And guess what? It's fun to try out some of the stuff too! You won't feel tired walking in the park, thanks to the chilly weather during the winter season. 


Toy Story Mania!

Can you see the crazy long queue here? It's way too crazy there we queued halfway and gave up on this one. 

Duffy's wonderland

Mickey's Churro

There's quite a number of delicious food and snacks inside DisneySea! If you ask me, the price was quite surprisingly reasonable too! It's expensive but not too expensive, just like a normal restaurant would charge you. If you watched the vlog, you could see what are the food we have had in DisneySea! The gigantic smoked turkey leg and gyoza bun were sooooo yummy! The Mickey-shaped churro was yummy too!

We continued to walk and explore the theme park till the sunset and get ready for the main highlight of DisneySea - Fantasmic water show! If you ever wish to enjoy the entire show from a close distance and awesome seat, please make sure you head to the area latest by 630pm. 

The Fantasmic water show is MAGICAL! If you ask me, this would be the ONLY thing that I enjoyed the most at DisneySea! However, if I have to compare this one and the one I seen at Hong Kong Ocean Park, I personally think that was more splendid!

p.s: Watch the vlog as we recorded the entire show for you guys! ヽ(´∇`)ノ

Tokyo DisneySea


  1. Wah! Queue 2 hours for each ride?! I give up already! LOL!

  2. Oh not bad this DisneySea! Quite a lot of interesting things to see and play! :)

  3. Definitely good to walk around in the cold weather! Hot weather just makes you tired! LOL