A Day at Hyde Park & St Mary's Cathedral | Sydney

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I can't believe I have not completed my Sydney travelogue in my blog here. Now, let me tell you guys another reason to love Sydney! I still remember... it was our last day in Sydney before we flying back to KL the next day. Since it was our last day, we decided to just enjoy a chillaxing day by visiting one of the well known and also the oldest park in Australia - Hyde Park

It is located in the heart of central Sydney, hence it is easily accessible by public transportation too. There're many benches for visitors to rest whilst enjoying people-watching, reading a book, or just simply chill and the fresh air! Oh wait, this park is also perfect for those who would love to enjoy a picnic session! I wished we had some food with us on that morning too! 

There's a giant chess set in the park too! Eric and Grey played a match whilst am busy munching my quick breakie and also strolling in the park. 

Walk further inside, you can spot the huge Archibald Fountain - a bronze Apollo surrounded by horses' heads, dolphins and tortoises. The boys seemed really fascinated with the fountain that they spent quite long trying to take from every angle of it.

Of course, you can't miss the St. Mary's Cathedral too! Being a roman catholic Christian myself, this is one of my must-visit places in my list. I was glad the boys willing to come and join me for this one! The interior was impressive and only if photograph is allowed in the church. I also grabbed the chance to pray and bought some of the bracelets from the church. 

After spent a good 30-minute in the church, we proceed to walk further into the park and it felt really great! There's so much more to see and admire within a park. 

Am not sure if this is the Botanical Garden that mentioned by our friend, but I certainly adore the blossoming flowers at this side of the park! If you have a bad day, please bring yourself here, I'm sure this sight will at least brighten your day even for just a bit. (´▽`ʃƪ)

Look at the happy Grey when he's back to the nature! He hugged the tree for maybe a good 15-minute before he let it go. 

I loved this place very, very much. I secretly wishing we have such park in KL here, where you can see everyone chillaxing on the weekend, doing the picnic whilst spending the time with family and friends, or just simply enjoy breathing fresher air. Did I mention that there's also a public toilet and cafe in the park, so convenient!

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