Ramen Fix! | Hakata IPPUDO KL

I've been craving for ramen, a good one, these days. It's good that we were in Pavilion yesterday, we finally made our first visit to IPPUDO to have a ramen fix! I've only been to their another outlet in The Gardens and it was really good. (人´∀`)

Passion Ration -RM11.00
Purple Rain -RM12.90
I ordered the Purple Rain (ice blended bluberry with orange juice) and Eric opted for the Passion Ration (blend of orange juice with passion fruit). Both tastes delicious!

By the way guys, IPPUDO is currently having an easy-peasy contest on Instagram! Follow the simple instructions for the Eat-Snap-Win contest below to win the weekly prizes:-

1. Follow @ippudomalaysia on Instagram
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4. Best Picture of the week wins RM100 IPPUDO voucher (two winners).

Crispy Corn -RM8
Buta Karaage -RM15
For appetizers, we had the Crispy Corn and Buta Karaage which turned out really good. The lightly battered and then deep fried corn topped with seaweed and paprika seasoning were still juicy inside, everyone gonna love this! The deep fried pork loin, served with a special homemade sauce and salad, were tender and juicy inside too!

Chashu Tsukune Teppan -RM17.90
We also had the Chashu Tsukune Teppan. It's basically a juicy minced pork served with fried noodle bits topped with poached egg on a hot plate. The texture of the poached egg wasn't as runny as the usual one, and it also didn't affect the entire eating experience too. We really enjoyed having the tender meat when it enters our mouth. 

It's delicious! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

Akamaru Kakuni -RM31.00
IPPUDO is having a special promotion on ramen for a limited period. I opted for the Akamaru Kakuni under their Kakuni Special where the patrons able to enjoy IPPUDO's Shiromaru, Akamaru and Karaka with the signature braised pork cubes. All the ramen served with the same broth with different toppings. For the one I opted, it served with additional garlic oil. It's really fragrant and flavorful! Trust me, I was really surprised to see such big chunk of braised pork cubes in my ramen! I must say I am really happy and satisfied to have for my ramen fix, it's not only tasted delicious, and also enjoyed the super tender pork meat melted in my mouth easily! 

I will definitely come back for THIS.  ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )❤

Spicy Black -RM26.00
If you love and enjoy eating spicy food, please help yourself to order the Spicy Black ramen - served with thin noodles, topped with chashu and a combination of bitter spicy salad and healthy pakuchi . It contains IPPUDO's original pork broth with special spicy nikumiso that specially prepared using black pepper, shansho and other spices. The Spicy Black is also uniquely enhanced with their new spicy fragrant oil, a blend of their original and spicy koyu. One thing though, this is only available till the end of March 2015

Oh! You'll be entitled a FREE special dessert once you posted and tagged IPPUDO on Instagram too! All you need to do is show the uploaded photo to them. You will love the mochi ice cream as much as we love it for sure! 

The interior ;)

Pavilion KL, Connection Level 4
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm
Tel no: +603 - 2110 6233
Facebook: Ippudo Malaysia | Instagram: @ippudomalaysia