Why I want a Havaianas!

Aloha! You have read how I wanted to attend the awesome-pawsome spa party in town previously and to match with the comfy bathrobe, nothing can beat a pair of comfy flip flops! And... A pair of Havaianas flip flops would be the one! 

The moment I asked Eric to get me one pair of Havaianas, he just gone a lil mad! >.< It was like... What the heck is Havaianas flip flops!? Aren't they are just flip flops anyway? So, I have decided to make it simpler for his understanding, Hawaianas it is! Nope, it's not a typo. Just so you know that Havaianas also known as "Hawaiians" in Portuguese word

Havaianas are the brand name for a line of flip flops that made in Brazil. Yup, Havaianas are premium and branded, that's why I described it as the "Porsche of Flip Flops"! :p
Yup, Havaianas are a bit more expensive than your average flip flops, but it's just going to worth all your penny! No regret at all!
1st - Havaianas are built to last! Havaianas are made of a 42-year old secret rubber formula which makes the sandals ultra soft, comfortable, bouncy, flexible and the while durable. No one can beat the quality of Havaianas!

2nd - COMFORT-NESS! The makers of Havaianas Sandals claimed that the secret formula makes it feel like you are walking on marshmallows! Soft and bouncy, Havaianas also have been dubbed the best rubber sandal in the WORLD. Tell me you want it too!

3rd - STYLISH! With Havaianas, you're not only guaranteed with the quality and comfort-ness, but also being stylish at the same time! They comes in various colours, rainbow-like and even candy-like colours. Those colours flip flops just going to pop up your look even better than you expected. 

Well, yours truly just getting more excited to win myself a pair of Havaianas from Havaianas Malaysia and attend the spa party in style! :p Not only for the spa party but it's summer time! There goes my another excuse to get another pair of Havaianas from le boyfie? xD (Or maybe this is just another trick by him? -_-)