TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask

Just like other girls' dream, yours truly also wish to have brighter and smoother skin! Thanks to TT Mask Malaysia and Plus Size Kitten for their awesome collaboration and allow us to enjoy complimentary masks to try on! :D

Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask
Since ever I have the choice to work from home, I tend to have more time to pamper and take care of my poor skin condition. The weather nowadays are super crazy! The sun just way too hot and that's the reason instead of doing it weekly, I do my own masking session once every 3 days! :p

After cleansed the face
What I love to do with my mask sheets? I love to store them into the fridge and take them out when I need to use them! Any of you practising the same as me? And this mask just surprised me a lot because the moment I put it on my face, it was super cool than the usual one. I put them in room temperature and used it, only get to know that it is originally has cooling effect! I bet everyone just loving it so much for the cooling effect. 

What I love about Timeless Truth mask sheets, their sizes are just nice and fit well on my face! Most of us here going to agree on this for sure. It covered my whole face well and I don't need to bother on which area not enjoying the essence from the mask sheet. They said just leave it for 15-20 minutes but I love to leave it when it almost drying up. >.< Once removed the mask sheet, you just need to do light dabbing or massage in circle motion on your face to allow the leftover essence absorb into your skin.

Fresh and moistful face!
The best part after removed the mask sheet, I can see my skin brighten a little, still can feel the cooling sensation and feel slight bouncy skin on your face! <3 It does soothens and hydrates my skin and  most importantly, it has successfully beaten up the hot sunny day outside! The next thing am going to do definitely logon to the website ( and grab more TT mask sheets!

Price: RM8 per sheet

**Check out TT Mask Malaysia Facebook page for more updates! And, do support them at the upcoming International Beauty Expo event from 18th-21st May 2013 and look out for Booth no:2003 and 2005 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre!