Swinging In Style Fashion Shoot with Luxe Swinger!

It's Monday and let's swing in style! Okay, I can't believe that I did it! Yours truly participating in - Swinging In Style Fashion Shoot with Luxe Swinger - and need your honest opinion in this style of mine. Well, I bet most of you have seen all the photos from the photo shoot on my Facebook too. :D

What's my style? I can't really define actually. It's simply because I don't dress for anyone but dress for myself, I always love and enjoy wearing something I comfortable with and with a lil bit of style! :p Or most of the time, mix-and-match always works on me! And because I don't wear an outfit/dresses for just one time and keep it in my closet, I really need to make sure whatever apparels I have bought must at least gonna make me wear it more than just one occasion. 

Anyway, back to the fashion shoot. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Mr Hari and the team for the day and the first thing to do - Pick A Dress. Believe it or not, it's one of the hardest task for me. It's simply because of my skinny-ness, I don't like when people telling me skinny people can wear anything they wish, because the answer is NOT REALLY. People who skinny like me can really turn into a clown in few seconds by just putting up the oversize dress/shirt or putting up some bodycon dress that people thought can show off our skinny body curve but ended up people thought we are anorexic? But look! With a lil help from the team, I got myself into this greenish frill dress with leopard print on it! 

Next thing to do was - MAKEOVER by Backstage Academy team. Seeing other bloggers have such a great makeover on their makeup and hair, I just can't wait what's going to happen on my look! It turned out something surprised me a lot, with my a lil wild eye makeup (am not sure if just a lil or way too wild) and they shortened my hair length by clipped it up behind. By the look, I already look quite fierce in a way, and I wasn't even sure if it's the sexy look. Silly me~

Last but not least - PHOTO SHOOTING SESSION by Peoplegraphy. I had to admit how tense and nervous I was at that time, to turned into another side of myself just take a lil bit time to warm myself up. I could not show anything classy or sexy look, they want furious look and it turned out to be me in my fiery look. I was quite panic and still tense until the photographer calmed me and I tried to get loose myself. It turned out quite awkward but I guess I made it, at least I stepped out from my comfort zone. :D 

What I love about my dress? Firstly, it doesn't show much of my skinny-ness with the hint of frill-touch on it. I always think black and white is perfect to elegant but this green color made it to the list too! It's perfect for evening dress or dinner date with special someone or even girls day/night out! Also, depending on how you going to style and accessorise with your look, it could be suitable for almost occasions. You can pair it with a pair of ballerina flat shoe or pair of your favorite wedges shoe or even semi or high heel shoe to go with this lovely frill dress. Not to mention about the leopard print on it, leopard print can NEVER go out of style! It's still a must have item in your closet! :D 

You can see my another look of 2-piece outfit also with leopard print top with nice pair of legging there. I wish you can tell me your honest opinion on how my entire look with the green colour frill dress with leopard print on it and do you think it suited me well? I will appreciate it very much and don't worry if it is not a positive comment, you're still helping me to improve myself better in fashion and styling! *wink*

Yup, it is a competition among us bloggers! In order for us to win, you have to vote for us by liking out photos HERE. Oh wait! Don't forget to watch this video clip of behind the scene of the whole fashion shoot and also our interview sessions here! :D

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