Girls Loves Spa Party! So Am I!

Good morning sweethearts! <3 The moment I get to know about The Butterfly Project Spa Party, I know it is definitely something that no girls can miss out! Well, after all it going to be a whole pampering session and fun with girls! I will not miss this spa party for so many reasons below. :p

Three reasons not to miss out this amazing spa party will never be enough when it comes to yours truly telling Eric about this, because he will NEVER can understand girls' needs! Don't believe me? Read below. 

#9 - Fotobox

Oh wait, in case you think all these above are not real, you're wrong. I guess none of you can understand how many craps I need to take from him by just telling him I AM SO GOING FOR THIS! Of course, that also if I can get the invite! T_T 

P/S: If you want to know more craps from Eric, perhaps you can just head over to -_-