The Opposite Attract In Love

Until now, I still could not really answer whoever ask me why the both Eric and I are being together. Surprisingly, a good 2years 9months 28days and continue on? Those who are in our circle of close friends would know well how we used to argued and debated on many things...even on small matter when we were just friend (maybe I should say we were enemy to each other?

Caroline & Eric
I was first never believe in opposite attract in love until it hit me for real. His personality, not something that I look for in one person. I often mentioned that "The thing that I LIKE is something that HE DISLIKE, thing he LIKES is just something I DISLIKE". A discussion over a matter always turned into an argument. Trust me, even it was just about a piece of cake that we both had different opinion on, discussion turned to disaster! I guess, it's just because we realised that it's not worth to get mad at each other over small matter that we know how to get back together again. Sometime, both of us just me! always wondering why we are together. LOL! Silly, I know!

And oh! CONGRATULATION to him for winning the Youth Credit Card Design Contest by Nuffnang! He's going to bring back a Macbook Pro with Retina Display that worth RM4599! :D You might want to check out his humble design HERE! I feel bad that I actually telling him that I don't think his design going to win after I have seen others awesome designs. Or maybe, I need to learn to be supportive partner to him as I know am not being one all these while. :p