Emerald Pool, Hot Spring and Elephant Ride @ Krabi

I have tons of post to update but I have to wait for the technician from Dell to come over and do the motherboard replacement on the laptop. :( I could not turn on the laptop due to motherboard failure and all the photos for my pending posts are inside the laptop. :'( Since I do not have the photos, I shall blog the last post for my Krabi's trip today. Back to Krabi, both Eric and I spent our third day at Krabi with Emerald Pool, Hot Spring and Elephant Ride tour package. Trust me, this tour was much better than our previous Phi Phi Island Tour. Our journey to the destination filled with laughter as the two girls from Canada shared their fun experience staying at the room with cockroaches that can be seen everywhere and how they feel cheated when the website stated next to the beach but it's actually swamp! 

Upon arriving destination, we were told that we still have to walk for a distance in order to reach Emerald Pool. Don't worry because it's all gonna worth it, it's like a hidden treasure in the middle of the rainforest. The moment you reached there, you could a huge pool in emerald color. It's beautiful! Most importantly, the water was clear and you can see through to the bottom there. :D

The water was cool and according to the uncle that joined us in tour, it was better to go for the Hot Spring then only come to dip in this Emerald Pool. Well I guess I am going to agree on this too! Imagine you dip into this cool water after the warm water in Hot Spring! We spent approximately an hour at Emerald Pool before heading to the Hot Spring. 

The amount of crowds at Hot Spring more than Emerald Pool but we still managed to enjoy our dipping session there. It was fun and all of us seems to enjoy the faster water current at there while dipping in the warm water. They said water in Hot Spring are good and helps in healing skin problem but you can't dip too long inside it, 15mins would be just nice. What do you think? For me, I realized that my heart beating quite fast after dipped for almost 30mins there. 

After the whole dipping and get wet session, we were served with delicious Thai cuisine for lunch! I don't know but they were all looks appetizing and tasted great to us! I even had my second bowl of rice during the lunch before heading for Elephant Ride. While we are on the way, the couple from Malaysia told us that they won't be going for that anymore because it seems quite cruel for them. I was quite surprised and was hoping it won't happen that way. 

The whole elephant riding session turned out to be something scary to me. Not only that, I had to agree with the couple's statement. The elephants were beaten in order to make them start moving. :'( How cruel was that? And, it just going to be our first and last to ride on elephant too. 

Antonella - Caroline - Nerissa
At the airport waiting for our same flight back to Malaysia!
We had our pleasant stay at Srisuksant Hotel, hopped on the boat for Phi Phi Island tour, hopped on the bus headed to Emerald Pool, Hot Spring and experience the elephant ride, and of course with some souvenir shopping at night market along the Ao Nang beach! That's finally concluded our fun 4D3N trip at Krabi! Honestly, I would not mind to go back Krabi again! ^^