Rewarsd2Go : Your Credit Card Privileges Directory!

Why do you actually apply for credit card? No, I know it's not solely just for the sake of the convenient in buying thing especially for huge amount. Oh well, who doesn't love benefit of having one? As much as you enjoy swiping your credit card, I believe you do enjoy earning points through your purchases too! Not only that, I bet all of us just love it when we get to know there's some discounts and rebate we could enjoy while purchasing on selected merchants. 
How would you feel when you do not realized there's promotion on your favorite store and ended up missed it? I know how's the frustration and it's not good to know when people around you enjoyed and you missed the great deal in town! This is WHY I LOVE this new apps named Rewards2Go that available for iPhone and Ipad! 
Search by Bank or Merchant
It's certainly not difficult to use this application for its user friendly interface and easy to navigate and what's best about it? You get to know all the promotion on going that applicable to your own credit cards instantly! If you do not know yet, Rewards2Go is the FIRST FREE consolidated credit card privileges directory app in Malaysia! Yes, now i'm sure you going to start to fall in love with this app! You could simply search offers by either Bank or Merchant. 

Search by Merchant
Vincci Offer
Let's say if you're already in the mall and wondering if your favorite store like Vincci is having any promotion with your credit card, you could simply search "By Merchant" and type in "Vincci" and voila! You could see the offer if there's any promotion on going. How simple as that huh?
List of Banks
The other way to search for the offers is by bank and here you could see various selection of banks and you could simply choose your desired credit card. If you're having few credit cards on hand, this is simply great tool for you to compare the offers among the Banks for same Merchant and pull out the best card that allow you to save more!
List of Categories
After clicked into it. you could see an interface showing Dining, Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Hotels and Shopping. What I love about this is you could see a wide selection of offers that you're really not wanting to miss even one of it! While you're browsing the offers and afraid that you could not remember it, the awesome feature allow you to bookmark the offers and benefits for your future reference and also bookmark your desire card for quick and easy access on-the-go!
List of Offers
Domino Pizza Offer
Oh! Domino Pizza lovers! There's an offer for Domino Pizza, clicked into it and you can the offer details together with the term and condition apply for it. How convenient is that? You need not to walk it and look for the offer but online order at this instant!
Sunway Lost World of Tambun
The moment I see this offer for this Sunway Lost World of Tambun offer, I could not resist and quickly look into the details. It has been quite sometime am longing to go visit this place! I went OMG when I saw the offer details - 50% off Rack Rate for Lost World Hotel Room with Breakfast and Lost World Hot Spring & Sa by Night Entrance Tickets for 2 persons! There's more when you scroll down! After hearing how wonderful the place can be, what do you think I am going to do next with this? :p
Urban Retreat Spa offer
Urban Retreat Spa
For ladies, I know we do love the section of Health & Beauty other than the Shopping section! Again, I am just so happy to see Urban Retreat Spa in the list! They're certainly one of my favorite place to get relaxing aromatherapy full body massage all time
Tomei offer
Pangkor Laut Resort offer
Besides, you could see the Hot Deals featured at the home screen and how do love to see Pangkor Laut Resort is featured for 10% off for the available rate?! No way I'm gonna miss this one!!! The greatest thing about this Rewards2Go is you need not to buy it but you can download and use it for FREE! Rewards2GO will also constantly be updated according to the latest offers and oh! If you did not see your card in the list, fret not as additional banks and credit cards privileges will be added to the list soon! Rewards2Go is absolutely fast, easy, convenient and just an ideal companion to have!
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