Phi Phi Island Tour @ Krabi

"Let's go to the beach, each, Let's go get away.." The song Starship by Nicki Minaj stuck in my head this morning. I know it's Thursday and just another day to Friday. Entered office with sleepy bug haunting me and grumpiness in me doesn't help at all! I just wish to have another vacation to Krabi! Yours truly have been missing the warm sunshine and clear water beach at the island, certainly a great place for a relaxing getaway! :D

Hop onto the "bus"

I still remember how we tried to bargain for the best offer for the tour packages offered at the travel agency and how excited we were on our first day tour! After grabbed our complimentary buffet breakfast at Srisuksant Hotel, we were brought to the jetty and ready to for our island trip! I must say I was quite surprised with the so-called "bus" that bringing us to the jetty. 

Long tail boats 
Waiting for our speedboat
You could see there's so many long tail boats lining up at there and oh! They are available for renting too! If you wish to have more privacy and more relaxing itinerary, you could opt for that as you could get to choose what time or which island to visit by your own. We did not know about it earlier and booked for the group tour instead. 
Thai and Malaysian in the group
Caroline & Eric in the boat
It was quite a huge group joining the tour and it was really fun get together with not just Malaysian, but also the Thai and Australian! Though we were quite ashamed with how Malaysian people took up the places and refused to let other to sit and also how they refused to listen to the tour guide while the boat was moving. Despite of that, it was really a fun time together with all of them!

02 - Chicken Island
It took approximately 45 minutes to reach the island and it was quite enjoyable to do the sightseeing while speedboat passing by those islands! Just look at the Chicken Island! =D Trust me, you can't stop yourself from taking out your camera and start snapping all those mini islands!

Maya Bay
Welcome To Maya Bay!
We arrived Maya Bay and get to spent 30 minutes to explore the island. There's so many things to see and spotted huge komodo at there too! It was quite an eye opening experience that we actually get to walk to another side of the island! The scenery just too beautiful to even to described it in a word. 
The path into the island
Maya Bay
At another side!
The girls! =D
Enjoying the sunshine and clear water beach
Us @ Maya Bay
In case if you do not know yet, the movie "The Beach" was filmed at here in 1999! This place is so beautiful with several beaches in it, of course they are small and some only exist at low tide.The both Eric and I totally love the silky soft white sand and clear water at the beach. Well, the best time to visit Maya Bay would be between November and April during the high season when seas are calm and access to the bay is easy. Though I have to say it was so crowded with tourist. :( And oh! The entry fee for the National Park is 200 baht.
See through the fishes!
Eric enjoy snorkeling there!
Us, again.
After the merely 30 minutes stop at Maya Bay, we actually proceeded to a snorkeling spot that allow us to enjoy the snorkeling! I do not know how to swim and it seriously freaked me out when I was told to go down to the water! From the boat, I was quite fascinated by the crystal clear water and you can also see through those fishes from the surface. We were very lucky to have such friendly and helpful tour guide for he just know how to calm me from getting panic and slowly teach me simple way to do the snorkeling. It was quite an awesome experience to me despite of how I can get panicked easily each time I look down into the water, it feels like I can get drown anytime at there and that's how silly I am.

Sea urchin
Sea cucumber
Look at what our tour guide brought up from the underwater? The sea urchin and sea cucumber! It kind of freaked all of us inside the boat when he show us the sea urchin on his hand! =O Well, we all had a great fun  chit-chatting with the tour guide while on the way heading to Phi Phi island for the lunch.
Varies boats docking there!
Taking a stroll and explore Phi Phi Island
We were served with simple lunch buffet and given some time to explore the island before we proceed with Monkey island and snorkeling activity. There were quite many stalls can be found at Phi Phi Don island, you could easily found souvenir shops, shops selling clothes and many more. There's also bar at the island that allow you to enjoy some snacks and drinks while chilling there. 

Monkey Island
Lotsa monkeys there!
Monkey looking for food??
The next stop was the Monkey island. No, we did not get down from the boat but seeing those monkeys jumping around, swinging from tree to other trees was fun! Some other tourist from other boat get down from their boat and fed the monkeys too! We just stopped by for around 10 minutes and proceed to another snorkeling spot and then Bamboo Island which is also the last destination of the day. 
Bamboo Island
Enjoy playing the water
Eric trying to do jump shot! :p
Yours truly!

To me, it was nothing much to do at Bamboo Island (Koh Pai) unless you want to do some water activities there. According to our tour guide, some said Bamboo Island turned to quite a beautiful place in a way after the tsunami. Well, am not so sure about that as I did not really enjoy walking with my bare foot on the beach while stepping on those dead corals. Nevertheless, I still love how crystal clear the water and loving the sunshine too!
Love for the beach and sun! :p
Us @ Bamboo Island
And that concludes our second day at Krabi! The whole tour started from 9am - 4.30pm and we were sent back to the hotel. It was such tiring yet fun tour to went with! Being a beach lover myself, nothing to described my love towards the islands at there! I would definitely want to go back there again! =D