Jewelries from Chics!

So, we're saying hello to Monday again and am excited as always! Those who do not know me yet, I only get attacked by the blues on Tuesday. So yea...I've been doing online shopping all the time as in ALL-THE-TIME. Now, you know it's not just for clothes but also the accessories! I definitely not looking for something expensive but with good quality one. I could not remember how I actually stumbled upon this accessories blogshop called Chics but I remember how I was hooked up with it since the first time. 

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If you do not know yet, Chics selling what girls wants and loves to have! Chics selling mainly on jewelries, but also will brings some new stuffs like purse, apparels, shoes, jewelry box as well as nail patches! I always love the accessories selling on the blogshop not just for the varieties but also good quality with reasonable prices.
Both for RM25 ONLY!
I've been getting my desired accessories during each month's pre-order and somehow wish to get all for my own! You know the more accessories you have, the easier you could match and spice up your look every day! :p I've just gotten a few of them from this month's pre-order and I thought you guys would love to check on it too.
Floral Charms Bracelet
Anything that is flowery with soft colors will always win my heart! It was so happened that Chics is having August Deal : 2 for RM25 promotion totally made me gone crazy while checking out the items that on promo. I ordered this Floral Charms Bracelet  the moment I saw this! It just look simply lovely and can be easily match with anything.
Precious Stone Bracelet in Dark Blue
Precious stone, I've been adoring stones jewelries be it ring, necklace or bracelet. This Precious Stone Bracelet in Dark Blue is just great for me to have and love how simple yet stunning it can be. I can't wait to match it with my little black dress soon! If you think it's way too simple to match with dress, you would be surprise how it can spice up your look by just putting it on. Remember, simplicity is the best! 
Printed Feather Earring in Light Blue
Animal Print Feather Earrings in Pink
So, I've got myself two earrings from Chics! The love for earrings within me just could not hold me from not buying them! Both of them are feather earrings - Printed Feather Earrings in Light Blue & Animal Print Feather Earrings in Pink. I love something that I can easily match with my outfit and to me, something that is feathery can really give some looks on your simple daily outfit! =D
Floral Charms Necklace
See! I found something that is matching with the bracelet earlier - Floral Charms Necklace! It is yet another lovely accessories for me to add into my collection! Put this on while you're on your lovely dress can give you the sweetie look and matching this with the floral charms bracelet could be a bonus I must agreed with.
Precious Stone Pendant Necklace in Pink
Oh well, it seems like I'm really into stone jewelries! I've gotten myself this Precious Stone Pendant Necklace in Pink that I know I could easily match with anything, even with my working attire. It's simple yet unique design that could give the elegant feels depends on how you match it with. I am totally love with what I've received and definitely looking forward for the next batch of accessories in Chics! Why not check out all the accessories on Chics? You would not know if there's something just perfect for you! :D 

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