Experience The New Smooth Powdery Sensation with Biore Body Powder Wipes! =D

Since ever I started my new job at new workplace, I could not avoid from walking under the hot sun for 5-8minutes to go for the lunch with my colleagues. That just made me missing working at Mid Valley whereby I need not to walk under the hot sun nor worry for the rainy day. :( My first day was quite a shocking one as I never expect we actually have to walk out and ended up with sweat and the usual me, start complaining of the hot sun! :p

Biore Powder Wipes by KAO
Well, I have to say that using normal or wet tissue to wipe away the sweat will still leave the stickiness on my skin that I prefer to have a shower or maybe just jump into the pool right away. When I was given KAO's latest product- Biore Powder Wipes to use, I thought it was just like the normal wet tissue and I was wronged! It's just totally different thing! 
Fresh Citrus & Fresh Soap
I was given two types of Biore Powder Wipes to try with - Fresh Soap and Fresh Citrus. To me, the fresh citrus certainly suitable especially for those who just done with sport exercise for more refreshing feel. I love how their packing, look so lovely and certainly convenient to carry to everywhere at anytime. 

Peel off the adhesive strip
All you need to do is peel off the adhesive strip and pull out the powder wipe. Trust me, one wipe is enough. There's only 10 wipes in one packet and if you're wondering about the price for this, it's quite reasonable and affordable! You can get it at RM7.90 each. =D

Biore Powder Wipe
Am not sure if it is only me or others felt the same, the wetness of the wipes not as wet compare to wet tissue. It may not as wet as wet tissue, but it certainly more useful than wet tissue for sure. The texture of the wipe is different from wet tissue, it is slightly rough yet soft enough for skin use. 

You can tear it off into half
If you think the whole wipe is quite big, you could tear it into two pieces as there's a line there allow you to tear it off easily too. If you just want to wipe your face only, it would sufficient enough to clean up and wiped up your face skin.

Wipe the hand
When it stated that it will give you smooth powdery sensation and no more odour and sticky feeling, I then tried to use it before I take my shower just to see if it is work that way. I love the moisture of the wipes when it touched my skin. Just when I about to wipe my other hand, I can feel it dries quite fast and when I touch it, it does really give the powdery sensation and freshness as if I've taken my shower! =O

Wipe the leg too!
I do not want to waste another half of the wipe, so I used it to wipe my leg too! Ohmy, yours truly was just amazed how the wipe can be so awesome that way! Totally love the smoothness on my skin and felt so clean too!

Super smooth and powdery feel
Look at that! No more stickiness and it looked so smooth after the wipe! =D You could also spot the white powders on your skin later on. Girls, this is definitely another must have item in your bag for it not just to wipe hand or leg but also armpit, face, neck and body if you're lazy to bath! :P With this, I never complained nor worry of the stickiness I'm going to have each time walk out under the hot sun.