O'briens Sandwich Deliver To Your Doorstep with Foodpanda.my !

I used to enjoy the advantage of having my favorite Chicken Tripedecker at O'brien Irish Sandwich Cafe so easily while I was still working at Midvalley and after started my new job, no more shopping time with the colleagues nor enjoying varieties of foods! But hey, who said am sad for it? Of course not, because I know I can get my favorite sandwiches by just few simple clicks and get it delivered to my place at ease! Well, gotta thanks to Foodpanda for the convenience for sure! =D


Well, I believe most you have heard about Foodpanda! It is an online food delivery website in Malaysia that offers diners more variety with 110+ food joints in its website since its recent debut on 26th March 2012. All you need to do is login and you will be spoilt for choices as the website now provides pickings which include cuisines such as Chinese, Indian/Punjabi, Thai, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Middle Eastern fare and more. All you need to do is just click and panda will do the delivery! :P (Of course not Panda!)
Huge Panda from foodpanda.my!
As mentioned earlier, your truly is now a happy girl with happy tummy! Even though I no longer work in Midvalley, I still can get my delicious healthy sandwich fix via online food delivery by Foodpanda! Yeap, O'brien Sandwich Irish Cafe is also one of the merchants on Foodpanda. Trust me, it will be all worth it for you could even save your petrol to go through the traffic jam and the delivery fee not as expensive as you expected! For that night, all of us managed to get some fun with the huge panda and also enjoy fresh delicious sandwiches by Obriens Irish Sandwich Cafe.

Frothy Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows
I would not miss to order my all time favorite, Frothy Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows! To enjoy such comfort drink with the sandwiches is such bliss especially when the soft fluffy marshmallow slowly melting in the hot chocolate drink, it's just getting creamier as the way I love it.  

Iced Cappucino
I'm not a coffee person, I dislike the bitterness in any type of coffee and that explained why I never order any coffee drink for myself. Try offer me with Mocha drink, I'll just ignore you and yes that's how much I dislike the bitterness of it. Eric, the opposite of me, always love coffee and it seems that he enjoyed his Iced Cappuccino with the sandwiches! 
Mango Tango
I get to ordered second drink which is the Mango Tango! I've been hearing how good are the smoothies at Obriens yet never had the chance to try it till that night. The perfect mixture of mango, banana, orange juice, frozen yoghurt and crushed ice tasted so fresh and healthy indeed! 

Panda serving us! Why look so sad? :p
There's a huge cute fluffy panda serving us for that night! Look at him with his sad face while bringing the tray of Chicken Tripledecker to us! Guess he want to gobble up by his own instead of give it to us! :p

Obriens Chicken Tripledecker
Obriens Chicken Tripledecker, le favorite for sure! There's two layers for this - one layer filled with lettuce and chicken crisp while another layer filled with cheddar cheese, red onion, coleslaw and tomato. Love to enjoy the crispiness from the chicken crisp! 

Chicken Slice & Cheddar Cheese Hot Shambo
The Chicken Slice & Cheddar Cheese Hot Shambo would be my second favorite sandwich at Obriens! With the shape of shamrock, it filled with chicken ham slices, cheese, fresh tomatoes, onions, fresh lettuce and honey mustard. In case if you wonder, shambo actually refers to the word shamrock (three-leafed old white clover). 

Sundried Tomato on Hot Cabbiata
I love tomatoes and this Sundried Tomato on Hot Cabbiata tasted just nice to my liking. The fillings with sundried tomato, red onion, fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese, roasted vegetables and basil pesto, pretty unique combination yet delicious in a way. 

Curry Chicken Mayo Sandwich with Cashew Nuts and Grapes
The fillings!
Yours truly managed to try something different during the month of Ramadhan - Curry Chicken Mayo Sandwich with Cashew Nuts and Grapes. You know I don't eat curry and the moment I heard the name, I was a bit reluctant to try it until they told me it's not spicy at all! =D I took a bite and totally surprised that it's really non spicy and hardly can taste the curry chicken taste in it. I do love to enjoy the bites of cashew nuts and fresh grapes in the sandwich! 

Hugsy! <3
Foodpanda & I
Apart from enjoying the foods during the gathering, yours truly had so much fun with the furry panda too! I can haz huge panda hug here! =D So.... whenever you're missing this panda, remember all you need to do is just few simple clicks and Foodpanda will deliver the food to your doorstep within short period of time! :P