Principal Facial Treatment @ Cellact Swiss, Taman Connaught

It has been quite sometime since I actively attend those food reviews and meeting up people like I always did, something I love to do. I'm still feeling sad for leaving but yes I'm still trying to consoling myself it's really time to move on. I'm glad I did it and hey who say I can't do it right? No point to bringing myself down and too good to be true, Cellact Swiss invited me to try on their customized facial treatment which I thought it's just in time for me to pamper myself and get pretty! 
Cellact Swiss Products 
Cellact Swiss Products 

Cellact Swiss, located at Taman Connaught, just next to Ambank with cozy ambiance interior and consist of five rooms. I was greeted warmly by the beautician and after gone through the skin analysis, I was brought to the room to get myself changed and start with the facial treatment by lovely Ms Tammy.
Skin analysis
Before look
I was informed by Ms Tammy that she will be doing the Principal Facial Treatment which can be customized one according to my skin types. After cleansed my face, I was given a mirror for me to hold and she explained one by one about the skin problem that I'm having now. Something that I can't deny was I just can't get rid of pimple or acne! I hated it much and it was terrified me when it getting more and more. :(
Facial Room
Facial treatment
One thing that I must be glad with is all the acne or pimples on my face skin can be cured! :p Who don't wish  to have clean and glowly face huh? Without further ado, Ms Tammy started with deep cleansing on my face and I was so in love with the fruity scent and cooling effect on my skin. After applied the gel soothing mask, she then proceed with extraction, the part I always scared the most. She has been very carefully and tried not to make me feel too pain to go through the whole process and it's less painful than I thought. At least am not teared this time! 
I could feel how swollen my face after the extraction and it feels better after she applied the fusion solution on the pimples. Fusion Solution act as instant fix on blackheads, whiteheads and blemish sports which is a concentrate and astringent to effectively clear skin localized imperfections. After the extraction, she applied another mask and this time was the hydrating mask. What I love about mask time was I get to nap while do the waiting. :p
Massage after applied the mask
Not just about facial treatment but I get to enjoy approximately 15 minutes of face point massage, neck massage and also relaxing shoulder massage! This is truly so much for the win! I could not remember what was the next step before the eye treatment but I remember there's another layer of mask applied on my face before she proceeded with toning and moisturizer. The layer of mask rather watery and moisturized, it is definitely something I like. Though it has mild chemical smell that I had to endure but it was great after all!

Cellact Products
After look
I have had such pleasant facial treatment and not to forget how pampered it was treated by the experienced beautician during the whole treatment. It was really good! Apart of the treatment, Cellact has been generous enough to give me complimentary products that consist of mousse cleanser with green apple scent, toner, 2 sachets of moisturizer and also fusion solution! They have made me such happy girl with all the pleasant services and I can see less pimples and time to keep it clean!

RM38 for Principal Facial Treatment
Oh! They are currently having this promotion for Principal Facial Treatment and you just need to pay RM38 if you're the first trial customer! Watcha waiting for ladies?! Grab it and pamper yourself to get glowly skin with 85% OFF!

Cellact Swiss
108G, Jalan Cerdas, Taman Connaught KL, 56000
( Next to Ambank )
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