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Lovely Nana's Wedding Day

Saturday, November 20, 2010
So, the next day after Rootz Bar at previous night, will be my friend, Nana's wedding day!
I actually woke up late for that day and had headache and feeling just unwell.
Hungover after two glasses of margaritas.Smiley

I tend to be quite choosy for brekkie that day and ended up request something light brekkie from Eric.
Less appetite and just share brekkie with dear Eric inside car!
We're late you know!
Eric with brekkie

Us inside car

The wedding reception took part at Dewan Presint 9.
You see, Eric is not that familiar with that place and we're depending on google maps to get there.
I have to read whatever printed from google maps to Eric while Eric is the driver. :p

We managed to get there without lost at somewhere else.
We saw many peoples at there already and they're all Malays except for us.
I've made a call to Nana as we don't know anyone at there!!
So.. yeah we've to wait for like another 45minutes more.

What we did was camwhoring!

Eric & Caroline

We walked around and enjoy watching those kids swimming and playing at the pools till the bride n groom arrived!
We wanted to snap more pictures of them but felt a lil bit paiseh.
We just didn't see any familiar faces at there!

We met Nana's parents and they gave us the door gift before we entered the hall.

Newly wed.
They looks lovely and the whole hall was well decorated with the Maroon-White theme.

The foods was great just a loss for me as I don't eat spicy foods.
Heaven for Eric?
There's one chicken dish I love but don't know what's the name!
Nana & Carol

I never met Nana before so yeah that's also my very first met with her!
We tweet a lot on twitter/facebook and exchanged contact numbers.
We contacted each other and talked over phone calls several times too.
Nice meeting her on her big day!

The hall too crowded with the guests and there's more coming in.
Eric and I just need to say goodbye to Nana as she also busy entertain others.
Nana even offered me to stay at her place for my next visit to KL!

The next plan for us actually to go for shopping at Sungei Wang and Times Square but we have to canceled it as I just need more rest.
Head aching badly and just wanted to have a nap.
So, we went home for the afternoon nap before we go for dinner and sunset view at the Look Out Point!


49 comments on "Lovely Nana's Wedding Day"
  1. Congrats to the blushing bride and groom, selamat pengantin baru!

  2. woot nice pics..why paiseh? :D:D

  3. Wonder what's da chicken dish ur referring to, no pic?

  4. Congratulations to the newly wed! ;)

  5. So romantic brekkie together2 in the car ha ha! :D

  6. LOL so many of our camwhore pictures here muahahaha

  7. ish!! why wifey put the angle problem picture there!! >=(

  8. Forgot to mention our basi already Honey dew dessert due to putting inside hot car!! hahahaha XD

  9. Yeshh!! cannot wait for look out point n sungei wang post!! lol =P

  10. @Monica FC!! :D

    paiseh cz we dunno anyone of them at there n summore never met Nana. hahaha!

  11. @Mariuca ohoooo! late few seconds! :p

    i also dunno, but dat one very nice!! i love it. maybe have to ask Eric see if he remember. :p

    paiseh = segan

    hahaha!! whr got romantic like dat! :D

  12. @Eric Lee mwahaha!! dint upload all also. :p

    hahaha!! not angle prob, hubby FAT! :p

    tau takpe! hubby dint finish it earlier on. hmph.

    haha dat one next post. :D

  13. So when is YOUR turn? Must invite, k?

  14. @suituapui haha! mine still have to wait few years worr. but dont worry sure will invite u! :D

  15. invite me to your wedding too hor!

  16. haha, looks like your KL trip is even more busy and tiring than having to go to work in normal days huh?? :p

  17. wow, that door gift looks so nice and generous!! so what's inside, you never share with us??

  18. hey, isn't that a great experience?? the first time you meet a friend is on her big day~~ :)

  19. Eric and Caroline's turn will b soon i guess

  20. I like the camwhoring session.. cantik :D

    Wei, who was driving lah? Don't eat n drive lah!

    Look Out Point! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Muahahahahhaha... :P *so romantic place* must KISS! Got kiss or not?! Bluek :P

  21. @ChrisAu haha when d day comes sure will invite u! :D

  22. @[SK] HAHAHA!! gotta say yes! :p

    ohyea forgot to tell u guys wats indie it, err it is something look like a bowl. dunno wats dat. :p


  23. @Merryn mwahaha! nice leh? :p

    ish! we stopped by a while n he eat a while n of course when on d way. i've to feed him! :D

    LOL!! no kiss at all! :p mwaahaha summore we no need kiss n become the center of attraction dy! LOL

  24. You look like Malay also mah, so blend in easily. :P

  25. hey sweet caroline! glad google maps is there, eh? hahaha

  26. the bride looks lovely and so do you. thanks for the camera to pass the time. hehehe

  27. i havent witnessed a muslim wedding yet. i wanna see one. wants inside the bag? hmmm just curious. heheheh

  28. Lovely pictures of your and Eric while camwhore!! And your friend Nana is gorgeous too! :)

  29. Wow such great photos. You and your man look great and the wedding couple looks awesome. Glad you had fun my friend.

  30. wah so sweet of you to go to her wedding although never met before.. way to go Carol!

    The bride looks so pretty!

  31. I really like the second set of combo of pictures, you look very nice in it...hey now i must say this... say hi to Eric for me,ya.

    did i get it right this time,, have a great week ahead and god bless ya

  32. Wah!! So terror! never met before but first time meet was her wedding!!

  33. Haha!! U really can't drink, can you? Hangover till next morning? : )

  34. Ooh!! What a waste u couldn't eat all those spicy food!! So Eric must have had a feast! LOL!!

  35. You look gorgeous darling.. ur fren too hehe :)

  36. @_el@i_ haha! yea thank god for dat! :p something like a bowl! hehe

  37. @eugene hehe thnx Eugene! :D yes u get it right! :D

  38. @foongpc haha! geng right? :p lol! mmg cannot drink. :/ haha he enjoyed!!


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