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Halloween Party @ Colossus Cafe & Bar

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Oops! I should have done this post before my trip to KL.
Anyway, as what I've mentioned before, Alvin and I headed to Colossus Cafe after the Pageant Dinner.
I was kinda excited to meet up with Ms Susie after quite sometime didn't met her!

Caroline & Ms Susie

Took pictures with Elsa, Paula & Ronald.

Seriously, its quite scary to me looking at those people with their scary costumes!

Oh! There's a competition for kids - Pumpkin Carving !

Both group given a pumpkin!

I teamed up with Elsa!

I didn't know that it's hard to cut off the pumpkin!
Luckily we made it!

Guess which one?

Sabrina's team with their pumpkin!

Elsa with pumpkin

Carol with pumpkin!
The pumpkin cute or not? 

I also received some Halloween candy for the night! 

Us with the evil horn!

I didn't stay too long at there though, especially after watch the Drag Me To Hell movie at there.
Nice movie but hey it's midnight!

Don't you know am a scaredy cat?!Smiley

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31 comments on "Halloween Party @ Colossus Cafe & Bar"
  1. OMG i finally made it here LOL.

  2. @Billyes Bill! wil put on ur badge in a while! yahooo! :D

  3. I have never cut a pumpkin either my friend.

  4. @Billhaha! dats my very 1st time to cut it! hard! :/

  5. BOO!! how come u didn't dress up for the Halloween Party? :D

  6. @Monica Hahaha! cz i thought i might not going there after the dinner! hahahaha!!

  7. You don't look scary. You look gorgeous!

  8. @khengsiong hahaha! of course am not! haha i dnt dare to dress scary look ! :D

  9. Halloween.. pumpkin! U look nice in the pictures, Carol..

  10. Scaredy cat wifey!! heh neva mind...hubby protect you..muahahaha

    pumpkin mulut like senget a bit wan..hehe

  11. @Eric Lee elelele! protect me but scared park at Adrian's house that night! :p

    haha dat purposely one ma! :p

  12. The pumpkin is very cute! Mulut senget :P

  13. CUTE pumpkin! Yes cutting pumpkin is really not easy! I cut it before when I tried to cook pumpkin.. wahh.. hard!

  14. You did not take white bed sheet and cut eye holes...and appeared as a ghost kah?

  15. You girls are so pretty I think any guy won't mind bumping into you at night, halloween or no!

  16. hahaha, nice one... wish we had a pumpkin making contest here too... but we attended a costume party last Oct. 31 and that was so much fun
    have a great day Caroline and happy blogging

  17. nice big red horns carol hahah your an angel in horns lol

  18. how i wish i could also go and wear costume
    hahaha cosplay where are you?!!
    have a great day carol

  19. @Merryn mwahah! of course cute la cz d mulut senget! :p

  20. @iamthewitch haha! yea i tot very easy. dint know the skin quite thick! :/

  21. @suituapui waaaa!! me so scaredy cat! dnt dare to do it la!! lol

  22. @Autumn Belle @ KDP heya! thnx for dropping by. :)

    thnx for d nice compliment too! :D

  23. You are cuter than the pumpkin mah... :)

  24. LOL I know u are a scaredy meow... like me! Ha ha ha! Happy halloween sweetie, thanks for sharing da pics! :)

  25. @poorprince hahaha!! i know right! am wearing white but with red evil horns! looks so wrong! hahaha


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