This Christmas.

Am here in KL to celebrate the Christmas instead of going back hometown for a week or two long holidays like I usually did in the past two years. I had no idea how is it to celebrate Christmas without family members and without meeting my church friends like how I used to enjoy all this while. If you ask me, it isn't that bad after all. My close friends are all here with me not only to celebrate it with me, but also showered me with all the thoughtful gifts. 

Minnie Mouse plushie. Most of my friends, especially those close ones know how much I am into Minnie Mouse. Basically, giving me anything Minnie Mouse would be a great idea and that's really enough to make me smile from ear to ear when I see it. Thanks Gar Yee! <3

Q&A 5 Year Journal. I've been searching for this journal for ages! I got to know about this journal through watching my favorite beauty Youtubers on their daily life, and I know I have to get this for myself too! It's something we can do our reflection and see how we think throughout all those years as we certainly won't have the same mindset as we grow older. Don't you think so? ;) I screamed happily the moment I got this on hand! Thanks Noel! <3

Minnie Mouse iPhone 6 casing. I'm no longer the crazy Caroline, who would shop online and ordered over 20 different casings for my iPhone like what I did for my iPhone 5 last time. I only bought 2 extra casings for my iPhone 5S, since the casings for iPhone 5 can fit on the 5S. For iPhone 6, I only have two plain one and here's another new one! I was quite sad when I saw the spelling of "Minnie" on the casing, but I guess nobody would notice it if they don't hold my phone! :p Thanks for the surprise Rocky and Estee!! <3

Diary/Notebook and Ogawa Air Revitalisor. My dearest mistress, Anna knows how much I love notebook/diary and she got me this particular with a friendship quote on it. And... She also knows how much I love burning scented candles and aromatherapy essential oil in my room, she also gets me this air revitalisor for my room! Thanks mistress! <3

Minnie Mouse Instax sticker film. I remember I wanted to buy it and she stopped me from buying it. She dragged me out of the shop! And the next day, she included this box of instax stickers film in the bag of gift for me! Thanks mistress! <3

Angel Hand Cream by Too School For School. I love Korean beauty products! Too School For School is one of my favorite Korean beauty brand too. How to not love this hand cream that going to keep my hand moist and prevent from dryness? Thanks Nanny Daphne! <3

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg and Pilot Frixion Clicker. I got this from my secret Santa during the #HapstersSecretSanta gathering on the Christmas Eve. I wasn't expecting to get this book this year as I was told it's all sold out everywhere and only restock next year. Can you imagine how surprised and happy I was the moment I unwrapped the gift wrap?! Not only that, my secret Santa also managed to get it signed by Zoe herself and get the book all the way from the UK! He also got me 3 Pilot Frixion Clicker colored pens to add into my current collection! Thanks Joel! <3

Disney Mickey and Minnie Tsum Tsum. If you're following me on Instagram, you would know how much I am obsessed with the Disney Tsum Tsum! Anne, Colleen and Sue Ann got me this pair of Mickey and Minnie Christmas Edition tsum tsum during their Japan trip! Thanks CoSueAnn! <3

Sweet Treats. Anne also got every single one of us a packet of sweet treats! Thanks Anne! <3

Pandora Essence Charm - Happiness. I have no idea when he had the chance to buy it without me walking at the mall with him! Eric bought a Happiness charm to be added to my current Pandora Essence bracelet. Thanks love! <3

Thanks for all the thoughtful Christmas gifts and I hope you guys love the gift from me too! I truly enjoy shopping for Christmas gifts this year! Now that I am blessed with tons of good friends, what more can I ask? ;)

Merry Christmas! :)