Being 25 | 1989

It was one of the happiest days in my life. I have no idea, but I was more excited comparable to when I was finally reaching the age of 21. Again, I didn't get to celebrate my birthday with my family members, but my closest friends in the whole wide world! They are like my family here in west Malaysia. 

Anna - Estee - Caroline - Ayna - Illy

A day before my birthday was Estee aka msbulat's birthday, I've decided to surprise her for being one of the best and cutest friends of mine for helping me so much! She is one of the most talented comic doodlers too! Though some unexpected thing happened on that day, her boyfriend (Ahpek) managed to get her on time before the massage session begins! We did a double celebration at Vila Manja KL, Ayna being such a sweetheart for surprised us with mini goodie bags and presents too! <3 Illy ordered a special homemade cake without milk, just so I can eat cake for my birthday! <3 I can't thank Anna enough for being not only my mistress, but a sister and a best friend to me all this while too! <3 

On my birthday night, Eric had planned a surprise dinner for us at Genji Japanese Restaurant, Hilton PJ. To be honest, I didn't expect any special birthday dinner celebration on a Monday night due to him being busy in his business startup and myself busy with my work too. 

Everything was good, except for the Zaru Soba. I couldn't even finish my main dish. Eric seems disappointed as I didn't enjoy it at all. Bring me back to Xenri Japanese Restaurant anytime! Eric doesn't allow me to order any dessert and telling me that he is going to bring me for a dessert session. Seeing my disappointed face after the dinner, he brought me to Stickerrific @ Jaya One and allowed me to choose more Washi tapes for my Project Life scrapbook and Filofax planner, it cheered me up right away! Too bad, it was closed and we settled at Pop @ Jaya One and get my Washi tapes at one of the vendors there. 

The next thing that happened on that night was truly memorable to me. It's something that I've never expected at all. Eric had planned a surprise mini birthday party and secretly invited all my closest friends for me. I cried the moment I saw them one by one at the table and that particular corner full with the Minnie Mouse decor! I felt truly blessed and loved by them, and appreciate every single one of them for even existing in my life!

Nicole - Caroline - Noel - Gar Yee - Lin Hue

I can't believe my eyes when I see the four of them sitting there! This is because Nicole told me that she heading home off from work and Noel told me that he's still in JB taking care of his dad. 

Look! My birthday cake here is different! That's a tub of dark chocolate ice cream from Inside Scop! I secretly wish all of us stay friends forever and ever! And also wish people who don't appreciate friends going to start to learn to appreciate friendship. 

Eric also ordered waffles for me since it's one of my all time favorite desserts! We had another pint of durian ice cream, Anna and  Joel ordered the alcoholic ice cream too! 

It was such a happy night for me. Each of them knows me so well that they got me the best birthday gifts ever! I may hit some of you; pulled your hair; scratched you; scold you; but I really love you guys very much! 

p.s: Thank you Eric for this surprise birthday party and gathered all my closest friends at one place! <3