Customized Swarovski Pearl Charm Bracelet | FurAlice

I always prefer something that is personalized for its sentimental value added. There's a reason why I prefer the Pandora Essence collection over the Moments collection. Every single Pandora Essence charm is like the reflection of myself. Though, they doesn't look fancy compare to the Moment charms, I love how simple yet classy they are, and also the meaning behind every single charm.

When I got to know about FurAlice, I can't help but adore all of the handmade bracelet on their site. The best thing about it would be the customization of the charm bracelet to suit your own style. The process wasn't complicated at all. They first asked me to let them know my preferred color combination and followed by the style of the charm bracelet, then proceed with choosing my favorite charms.

Look at my Swarovski Pearls Bracelet features the combination of white, pink and rose gold pearl beads. With an extra two charms - dolphins and golden ball. I love them so much and it matches my favorite daily Baby-G watch in rose gold color! Oh! FurAlice also provides warranty for the bracelet which also means if you find that the bracelet you ordered is loose or the charms have dropped off, they will then replace it if they still have the charms in stock.

They are being so sweet for includes an extra gift for me too! It's just perfect for the festive holiday season! ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)

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