Craft Hauls!

Project Life
I don't consider myself as a very crafty person, but I enjoy scrapbooking. Not many of you know this side of me, I bet the only person I talk to the most about it is Estee. I normally do my scrapbook when I have an extra free time or I would do it during my blogging time. Other than shopping for my usual favorite stuff (clothes, shoes, jewelries, cosmetics), I also do craft and stationery shopping online and offline. I spent over RM400 to restock my craft and stationeries for my scrapbook and also the upcoming Traveler's Notebook and Filofax.

Well, in case you're interested to know where do I get all the stuffs. Here's a list of my favorite shops (offline & online):-

I also got myself three fountain pens - 2 Pilot Kakuno fountain pens and 1 Lamy fountain pen. I bought the first kakuno fountain pen from Stickerrific at RM55. I got another kakuno fountain pen through one of the shops on Rakuten Global that only cost me less than RM35 including shipping for one kakuno fountain pen. For the Lamy fountain pen, I bought it at their concept store in Sunway Pyramid for RM86.40 after the 10% discount!

Other than the fountain pens, I am also slowly getting more and more color pens for my Filofax. My most favorite color pen would be from Pilot too. Colors makes everything interesting, don't you think so? ;) 

I can't wait to welcome the year of 2015 and finally starts using my Ben'z Store filofax/planner. I've started to set them up and hopefully I can get myself the Kikki K planner for the following year! I didn't get the expensive one because I need to make sure if I really going to put a good use on it. 

p.s: Anyone enjoys scrapbooking and/or filofaxing too? ;)