Our Story

I was back in KK over the weekend for my primary school classmate's, Alana's wedding! It turned out a rather fun and memorable reunion for at least the 10 of us. We were all super excited for Alana and husband, Rian! 

Look at her! Super adorable and still looks the same as before! She's still the most cheerful one that I've known before, playful and cheeky. I still remember how we called her as Alana Banana and my classmates called me as Carrotline instead of Caroline! How silly! (*゚∀゚*)

Whilst enjoying the dinner, it's not just about catching with each other, but also reminiscing the good old memories back in primary school. All of us still remember how we practiced and performed this song to many of other teachers and students in the school. No, none of us can ever forget this song. It's all about US.  (*ˊૢᵕˋૢ*)

Guess what? Most of us still remember our friends' birthdays without checking on Facebook! And when we actually go round the table to start explaining our profession now, it was so funny and interesting at the same time. Of course, the teasing part can never stop with this bunch of fun people, especially the guys!

* Ladies *
Dai Shan - Hui Shan - Sara - Caroline - Alana - Weena - Cindy - Jessie

We took plenty of photos together at the photo booth and also through our phones and cameras! There's one thing I felt so amazed and truly surprised that there's NO awkwardness even for a bit on that night. I mean, can you imagine how long we've not been meeting each other? Our friendship since primary school till now and still continue...

p.s: Hope to see the rest of the primary 6 classmates the next time I go back to KK!