Wall's Scoops of Happiness Workshop

Wall's Selection, the ice cream that is all about fun, laughter and good times with family, is injecting something wonderful and magical through its Wall's Scoops of Happiness Campaign. Family bonding moments are now even more pleasurable as Wall's Selection helps moms and dads bond with their kids over ice cream and fairy tales. 

Inspired by classic fairy tales, Wall's Selection has put together 15 how-to videos and recipes using ice cream and a few colorful condiments and fruits to recreate fairy tales that you can taste. I bet most of you have watched this video and surely finds it cool heh?! So creative indeed!

Shawn Tan, Brand Manager for Wall's Ice Cream, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd said, "Family bonding is crucial for kids as they grow up. Parents  sometimes find that work commitments and routine family commitments deter them from spending meaningful bonding moments with kids. The Scoops of Happiness campaign is all about enabling and inspiring the family to bond over ice-cream and stories that is full of fun and enjoyable for the whole family."

To showcase these recipes, Wall's Selection collaborated with Samantha Lee, a mother of two girls, who initially made whimsical, colorful, imaginative and healthy meals for her two young daughters. Samantha shared her creations on her blog. Her creativity to inspire her kids to look forward to each mealtime instantly captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans around the world and today Samantha is a global sensation and an Instagram star with more than 480K followers.

Samantha conducted a workshop for the media and parenting bloggers where she created three colorful and whimsical creations using Wall's Selection and a variety of edible condiments, fruits, chocolate sauce and icing. 

According to Samantha, she will always sketch the food art before start to create them. Look at how cute and detailed the drawing on her notebook. 

Each of her creations during the workshop made of a mixture of Wall's ice cream and accompanied by fruits, condiments, chocolate sauce and icing. It was really impressive!

Chinese Warrior
Pirate of the Caribbean
The Ice Princess & The Snowman
Her creations are named Chinese Warrior, Pirate of the Caribbean and The Ice Princess & The Snowman. We were all awed by her creation and excited to do it our own too! 

We were all divided into group of 3 and given time to choose our ingredients to create our own version of fairy tale food art with Wall's ice cream. 

Quachee, Eric and I are in a group and they are totally being sweet to me! Yup, for creating Minnie Mouse in Disneyland castle. As the beginners, it was pretty great! :p

Thanks Wall's Ice Cream and Samantha for conducting this awesome workshop! I really enjoyed learning and creating it on my own! 

  1. Log on to www.facebook.com/wallsmalaysia to watch 15 recipe videos.
  2. Create your own recipe with Wall's Selection and snap a photo.
  3. Submit & stand a chance to win a family trip to Disneyland Paris.
** Contest period: 9 May to 27 June 2014
** There will be ONE weekly winner for seven weeks. Winners are chosen based on highest votes. Every week, the most popular creation will win a family package to Legoland.
** The grand prize winner, who will be chosen by a panel of judges at the end of the campaign will win a family trip to Disneyland in Paris.

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