Oh well, I guess some of you have seen this and already know am the winner for Xiao Mi's recent giveaway. It was supposed to be a good news to me until some people who NEVER READ what's my entire entry for the contest and judged me right away. Fair enough?

The contest to win yourself a Mi 3 LIKE & SHARE this buying guide, give us constructive feedback on the payment part in the comment box below and complete this in the most creative way possible - "Mi 3 ______________ Malaysia!".

Not that I care whatever you guys commented and trying to make fun of the statement. But, I just can't help to notice there's a lot idiots or may I rephrase to sore losers out there who didn't bother to read my entry before leaving stupid and trying-to-be-funny-but-failed comments there. FYI, I am just like one of you, whoever that joined the contest, trying my luck to win it. I just hope that people can AT LEAST read before saying anything. You still don't like my entry and think it shucks? You may leave now. Or you still can't accept the fact that I won the phone? You may leave too. 

P/S: I don't mean to be rude in this post, but I just think people really should learn to at least get it right before even jumping into any assumption. Cheers!