Launching of the NEW Lush Outlet | Orchard Gateway, Singapore

If you're following me on my other social media accounts, you should have known about my impromptu trip to Singapore earlier this month. Tammy and I went to Singapore on the 2nd of May to attend the launching of Lush's new outlet in a new shopping mall, Orchard Gateway in Singapore. We almost cancel the trip due to Tammy twisted her knee 4 days before our trip and thank God she's getting better by the day before the trip. Of course, being super huge fans of Lush, we're really excited to attend this event!

Lush @ Orchard Gateway
Trust me, it's really easy to identify Lush store because of their wonderful scents! I recalled back how we kind of lost in the mall, but we can smell the-smell-of-Lush! *LOL* We found the store less than a minute after that. This marked the third store of Lush in Singapore and it has slightly different interior concept compare to another two outlets. I've only been to the Wisma Atria's outlet and you know how much I adore Lush when I had to visit it twice in 4 days and shopped till drop too!

Bathbombs, bathmelts, ballistics and bubble bars
How I wish to bring them home with me! These are the main ingredients to create your very own bath cocktails and indulge yourself in wonderful bath moments. Though I can't shop often on Lush, I am lucky to have bosses and colleagues in Taipei who being sweet to me by gifting me with some of these almost every months! Talking about this, I just can't wait for my Taipei trip this coming October because the Lush store just few blocks from the office in Taipei. 

Body Lotion, Massage Bar, Conditioner
GOSH! I super love Lush's massage bar! They are so moisturizing and smells super great! I've been loving and enjoying the Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar that Amber sent to me all the way from the US!
Tammy and I couldn't stop ourselves to get more of the soap! We also got ourselves the limited edition Scentenary Soap back to Malaysia! Again, they are all handmade and made of all the natural ingredients that give nothing but goodness to your skin.

Fresh Face Mask, Massage Bars and Solid Shampoo Bar
Another must-buy item from Lush is definitely the Fresh Face Mask! Each tub of fresh mask contains several natural ingredients and depending on your skin needs, choose the right fresh mask to pamper your skin. So far, I have personally tried the Cupcake, Mask of Magnaminty and Oatifix. They are all smelling delicious as though you can lick them while applying them on the face. I decided to get myself the Jumping Juniper solid shampoo bar after the staff told me how great it is and it is foamy! 

Lip Care products
I've tried the Bubble Gum lip scrub and it's really oh-so-yummy! Of course, I love how it exfoliates the dead skin off from my lips and makes my lips soft and say no more to chapped lips! 

Shower Gels, Shower Smoothies, Shower Scrub
How I wish to see the Christmas edition Snow Fairy shower gel to be on the shelf! That's my most favorite shower gel ever! It smells like snow fairy, I know it didn't make sense at all. :p

Pre-packed Gift Sets
Lush is making your life easier to get a gift for that special someone! Get one of these to pamper your special someone with all the Lush products inside it.

Daniella (I hope this is correct >.<) being such a sweet one to all of us. She's not only gave us a mini tour and get to know more about Lush and each of the products in the store, but also showing us a demo on how to prepare and enjoy your Lush cocktail. :p

French Kiss + Sex Bomb
Honeybee + Green Bubbleroon
Whether you want it to be romantic or fun, you can always have different mixtures of bathbomb, bathmelt, ballistic and bubble bars in your bath tub! 

Tammy & I with the Lush's mascots!
Thanks Lush Singapore for having the both of us and we were both really had a great time in there! Now, someone please tell me when Lush is going to open at least one store in Malaysia? :(

This is what's inside our goodie bag! <3
  • 2 x Sex Bomb bathbombs
  • 1 x Happy Hippy shower gel
  • 1 x Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioning hair perfume
  • 1 x Sexy Peel soap
  • 1 x Oatifix Fresh Face Mask
  • 1 x Granola Bar
  • 1 x T shirt

My lush hauls!
Of course, there's no way for me to not shopping myself in a Lush store! Loving all the products! (๑॔˃̶ॢ◟◞ ˂̶ॢ๑॓)Oh! You can start shopping on Lush Singapore site too! They offer international shipping! 

Check out Lush Singapore:
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