Giftblob - NEW Mobile Gifting Lifestyle!

Psst! I recently stumbled upon this new mobile application - Giftblob. Sending a gift via mobile sounds too good to be true? But, that's the truth that Giftblob promises you! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ Being me, I love the idea of sending gift at anytime I wish and it always makes me happy to see my friends happy! Giftblob, is probably one of the best apps that you will ever own that entitles you to make your special ones happy without you going through a hassle to do so! Let me tell you how and why. 

What is Giftblob?  
Giftblob is a mobile gifting platform which enables mobile users to send and receive Gift via mobile. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, full-moon, baby-shower, valentines, festivities, or simply for an act of kindness, Giftblob enables mobile users to send Gift via mobile to another mobile user by 3 simple clicks and likewise, the recipient of the Gift will be able to redeem the Gift in equally simple manner; the recipient can simply walk into the Merchant and redeem the Gift or at the election of the sender, the Gift can be sent to the recipient directly.

After few simple steps of signing in and getting your pin, you're good to go. As you can see, you can choose from six different categories and then select your preferred gift away - Coffee & Cake, Momento, His & Hers, Surprise, Fashion and Pamper.

Here's the few things about what I love about Giftblob ;)
  • It takes 3 simple steps to send a Gift to your loved ones.
  • It is connected to Facebook, which reminds you of your friends' birthdays and such other important events.
  • The Gift available in "Momento" can be delivered directly to your loved ones' doorstep.
  • Easy redemption of Gift.
  • Secured and easy payment.
  • "Shout Out" function which entitles you to shout out to your friends what you want! :p

In case you're wondering how does it work? It is relatively simple and hassle-free! Perhaps, the only "hassle" you need to go through is "choosing the perfect gift" for that special someone. :p

How does Giftblob work?
  1. Log in to Giftblob via mobile
  2. Click "SEND A GIFT NOW"
  3. Select a Friend (Recipient)
  4. Compose a message (Optional)
  5. Pay & Send Gift
  6. At your discretion, your friend will be notified of the Gift via email or Facebook message. 

Easy huh? What are you waiting for? Download Giftblob and start sending gift away to surprise that special someone today! 

Facebook: Giftblob | Twitter: @Giftblob