Ninetology U9Z1+ | Sony Xperia Z Ultra

I am looking for a second phone for myself as I need an Android processor in order for me to test and enjoy the Kpop apps that the company am working for has created! Then... I was lucky enough to play test and use two Android smartphones - Ninetology U9Z1+ and Sony Xperia Z Ultra

The Ninetology U9Z1+ has a full plastic body and lighter in weight; Sony Xperia Z Ultra has a full metal body and slightly heavier compare to the Ninetology U9Z1+. Although, it may only be my second phone in daily life, my major concern on a smartphone definitely all about the camera function! *don't judge me*

Outdoor: Ninetology U9Z1+ seemed to have more vivid color compare to the Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

Indoor: Sony Xperia Z Ultra worked better under low light compares to the Ninetology U9Z1+.

Close Up: Both phones didn't give me that "bokeh" effect. :(

Above are photos taken with Sony Xperia Z Ultra front camera. Obviously, this is not suitable for indoor shot unless with better lighting. Now, which phone should I get as my second phone? :D