My 2014 Beauty Resolutions

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We are going to bid goodbye to the year of 2013 pretty soon and it's time to welcome the year of 2014. 2013, has been great to me, there's a number of ups and downs throughout the year and got the best job that everyone could ask for (well actually not that great as I do feel stress sometimes too :p) Am not going to talk about my new year resolution in life but let's talk about something girls enjoy - beauty resolution. 

Clean The Face Before Go To Bed!
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I know I know... There's a few times when I get home super late at night and too exhausted after a long day, I decided to just use a cleansing wipes to wipe off the makeup on my face and greeted with breakouts on my face. Next year, I know doesn't matter how late I get home, cleansing wipes just not enough to clean my super sensitive skins and deep cleansing is a must each time before I can go to bed.

Drink Up!
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Most of the time, I will force myself to drink plenty of water but when it is cold and especially during this rainy season and cold weather, I realized that I drink less water day by day. It's important to keep my skin hydrated naturally with plenty of water in my body. They also said that drink more water will helps to slow down your ageing process too! 

Beauty Sleep!
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Back in KK, I know I won't have this problem but when am in KL, I tend to sleep late and have to wake up early for work. I know I need to fix my bad habit of sleeping late as 6-8 hours of beauty rest make a difference on your skin condition too!

Clean The Makeup Bag!
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I have a bad habit of buying different types of makeup doesn't matter if I already have them in different brand or they are still new. Yikes! There's a good and bad too, as in I might be still keeping the new mascara that have been used less than 5 times in a year in the bag which is actually not a good thing as you won't know bacterias breeding in it already. Not to forget, it's time to look for cosmetics and skincare that is chemical-free, no artificial coloring as well as contains natural plant ingredients in it. 

Beauty Date!

This is A MUST to do thing on the list for next year! To set a beauty date with BFF, sister or mom is simply a brilliant idea of catching up and indulge ourselves in pampering session!

I have set my beauty resolutions for next year, what about you? You can list down yours and win an invite to join the New Year party with The Butterfly Project and Yadah Malaysia too! Details HERE!