My Christmas Wishlist for Santa Hermo

Christmas is just around the corner and it has been always meant something magical to me. I always believe in the existence of Santa Claus no matter how many times how many people telling me that Santa is not exist. Santa Claus may not come to me this year, but here's Santa Hermo and The Butterfly Project Malaysia to make it as magical as Santa Claus. 

Dear Santa Hermo,

Just like the previous years, I would always write down my Christmas wish list and wishing for them to be granted by dearest Santa. Christmas this year, I wish to have 3CE's Lip Marker in vivid red color and Nature Republic's Stain Girl's Tint in pink color. It's certainly going to make my Christmas more joyful this year and I know I can achieve that cheerful look with these products on my lips! I chose these products as they are last long and imagine after the Christmas feast with wine and champagne, turkey and some jolly Christmas dinner and my lips still look the same as before, simply amazing!

A girl who always believes in Santa

I have created my Christmas wish list to Santa Hermo, what about you? Quick and head to and shop for Christmas gift for your loved ones. A lovely surprise on the Christmas day going to be a magical moment for the loved ones. (๑・ω-)~♥” *praying hard that Santa Hermo will grant my beauty Christmas wish list*