Bold New Flavours @ Bulgogi Brothers

Annyeong~ Earlier this month, Bulgogi Brothers has launched a new selection of appetizers and hearty mains to mirror the change in season and demand for warm, satisfying comfort foods in the region. These are definitely foods that you wish to enjoy especially during this cold and rainy season. 

The restaurant's name represents "Bulgogi", one of the Korea's most globally popular dishes and "Brothers" which represents the guests.The dining experience at Bulgogi Brothers is enhanced by the contemporary décor, K-pop music playing in the background, sophisticated lights and pleasant ambiance. For a K-pop music fan like me, I enjoy my foods while listening to all the songs!

Spinach - Mashed Pumpkin - Sweet Lotus Root
Radish - Spiced Water Crest - Kimchi
Similar to other Korean restaurants, Bulgogi Brothers serve complimentary refillable side dishes for their guest too! The only difference here was some of them, you just can't find it in other Korean restaurants. I personally love the mashed pumpkin and sweet potatoes and spiced water crest. Shall we look into what are the new flavors in Bulgogi Brothers? 

Sautéed Beef Wraps - RM19.90
Sautéed Beef Wraps - RM19.90
Sautéed Beef Wraps, also known as Sogogi Milssam with naturally colored wheat flour pancake wraps filled with seasoned sautéed beef sliced and crunch julienned potato. 

Wrap it up!
It is simple to enjoy this dish! All you need to do is place the ingredients on top of the wheat flour and wrap them up before it goes into your mouth!

Crispy Tofu with Chicken - RM15.90
The Crispy Tofu with Chicken, known as Dubu Chicken is a serving of golden brown tofu with marinated chicken with teriyaki sauce and bean sprouts. Yums!

Beef Short Ribs Soup - RM39.90
The Beef Short Ribs Soup or they called it as Galbi Tang is one of the crowd favorites of comfort food. This is a bowl of a 3-hour preparation of rich but delicate soup made from beef short ribs and Korean herbs. 

Special dipping sauce
If you wish to add some flavor to your beef short rib from the soup, you can always dip them into the special dipping sauce. It tastes better too!

Ginseng Chicken Soup - RM45.90
My most favorite dish would be this bowl of hearty Ginseng Chicken Soup which also known as Samgyetang!

Ginseng Chicken Soup - RM45.90
It features a whole young chicken stuffed with jujubes, ginseng, garlic, chestnuts and sticky rice. This is also perfect for sharing with family and friends! However, this Korean traditional soup is only available until January 2014

Pepper and Chili
You can always spice up your samgyetang the way you wish it tasted like by sprinkling some pepper or chili flakes!

Spicy Chicken Bulgogi - RM29.90
Sizzling hot!
The Spicy Chicken Bulgogi which also known as Dak Galbi Bulgogi is perfect for someone who do not fancy beef and wanted to enjoy something hot and spicy! It features juicy chicken thighs marinated in signature Bulgogi sauce and served with a medley of vegetables and rice cakes. Enjoy this with a bowl of rice, blissful!

Bulgogi Brothers Special - RM81.90
Beef lovers going to love and enjoy this Bulgogi Brothers Special as you can explore the variety of different tastes and textures of fresh quality beef in a plate. It features a combination of Unyang-style Bulgogi (seasoned beef hand-pressed in heart shapes) and Gwangyang-style Bulgogi (bulgogi in the style of the southern provinces of Korea, thinly sliced seasoned beef) served with mushrooms, sweet potatoes, leeks and onions.

Unyang-style bulgogi
Gwangyang-style bulgogi
The juicy beef will be grilled by wait staff right in front of your eyes as you savor the aroma in anticipation of dipping the meat in specially prepared Korean sauces and spices and letting the burst of flavor envelope your palate. I personally enjoyed the super juicy heart shaped bulgogi!

You can either enjoy the beef meat as its own or wrap them with the lettuce and spice up with the sauces and spices prepared for this dish. I always found this kind of experience always feels as if you're in Korea enjoying Korean foods. 

Bulgogi Brothers
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