Birthday x Christmas Gifts Galore!

December is always my most favorite month of the year, not only because it's my birthday month but also for the festive season! Each time I go oversea travel, there's always a few people in my mind that I must get something lovely for them. Those are who always be there for me to cheer me up when am down; who can make me laugh nonstop without fail; who are treasure friendship as I do. This year, I have never thought I would get more and more birthday and Christmas gifts from all the people I enjoy hang out with.

The Saem GD masks - Innisfree mask pack - The Saem 95% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel - Mascara
Gifts all the way from Korea from my mistress Anna. Oh wait, yes I do have a mistress. I still remember when Anna and Ah Bok on their holiday in Korea, they have sent me pictures of those masks and how to even say NO to GD?! Thanks for the advanced birthday gifts! That's also includes Pepero snack that already went into my tummy.

Victoria Jackson Makeup Palette - La Senza panties - Stila lip gloss - Benefit They're Real Mascara
- Toblerone chocolates
Gift from Ayna. She's definitely one of my favorite camwhorer partners in crime! She actually surprised me with an advanced birthday gift and then Christmas gift that comes with more treats! She purposely looks for the dark chocolate flavor of Toblerone knowing that I am lactose intolerant, thoughtful friend that worth to keep forever indeed. 

Victoria Jackson Makeup Palette
The makeup palette comes with five eyeshadows color, 5 lip color, 2 contour color and 2 blusher colors.

La Senza Panties
Seriously, red and leopard print panties? Now we know Ayna is one of the naughty girls out there. :p

Stila Lip Gloss Set
Super love the Stila lip gloss set as they are all in yummylicious color that I love!

Elianto Fantasy Shower Gel - Elianto Seduction Body Mist - Elianto Lip Gloss
Gifts from Nala! A sweet girl who prepared sweet smelling gifts that one can hardly say no. Yours truly totally in love with the sweet smelling shower and body mist! Yums!

Minnie Mouse plushie
Barbie Doll - Etude House Minime Perfume Mist - Bisou Bonbon Bath Salt
- Bisou Bonbon Été soap - Bisou bonbon Automne soap - Bisou bonbon Solid Perfume
-Bisou Bonbon Cuticle Kiss - Bisou Bonbon rose handmade earring
These are from Tammy and Illy! I was really surprised with whatever they have prepared for me! They have chosen the Etude House Minime Perfume Mist in Ms Holic and telling me that it suits my character. Oh wait, that's represented SHINee's Jonghyun too! >.< I have been loving Bisou Bonbon's handmade natural products and been using a few of them, these are definitely some of the products I would love to try! <3

Minnie Mouse pillow
A lovely gift from Nicole. We used to be colleagues who sitting next to each other and the colleague relationship has turned into friendship. Ever since she has moved to the Subang Jaya area, we hang out more often and started to attend events together too. She got me Minnie Mouse plushie last year and pillow this year! She knows am a Minnie Mouse freak. Knowing that she actually tried to look for dream catcher before choosing this pillow, I was quite touched by that. 

Cookie Monster plushie
Cookie Monster plush toy from the big boss and colleague Chee Ching! There's an embarrassing story behind cookie monster and me, but perhaps I will tell it when I blog about my Singapore birthday trip later on. Oh yes, this plushie came all the way from Universal Studio Singapore!

Huge pink bear plushie
Mug - Owl necklace - Naraya handbag
Gifts from my lovelies Garyee and Noel! It's always a must for me to meet them and hang out with them. They were some of my bestest colleagues ever, we have gone through the ups and downs in work stuff together and we're getting closer that we can share almost everything together. Whenever we go, there's always something to bring back for each other. 

Strawberry shoe
Gift from second boss! He totally left me speechless when he passes it to me in Starbucks, it was so huge and super cute! So adorable and comfortable to put on. Cute stuff all the way from Taipei, simply irresistible!

Chocolate - Minnie Mouse lip gloss palette - Kinder - Minnie Mouse pouch
- Chuppa Chup lollipop - Moomoo Cow pencil
Gifts from Estee or most of you know her as @msbulat! I screamed happily when I spotted another Minnie Mouse stuff inside the bag! All the gifts are all the way from Spain which excites me even more as they can't be found in Malaysia. 

Adorable Minnie Mouse pouch
Minnie Mouse Lip Palette
Now, when I thought this is pencil casing, it turned out a lip color palette! Look at them!

What's inside the Kinder chocolate!
I was surprised to see two creatures upon unboxing the Kinder chocolate! Apparently, these creatures will grow bigger heh?

Cecilia Ahern books
Not only that, she also bought me these books by Cecilia Ahern for Christmas gifts! It's a joyful Christmas for sure!

How can I forget the most priceless birthday gifts from the comic community bloggers in Malaysia with their amazing artwork just for me! Check them out in high resolution HERE! Thanks for all the love and those who still showering me with gifts till today, thank you!